The nut milk recipe that will have you ditching the boxed stuff for good

Photo: Amparo Rios

nut-milk-recipe-go-get-em-tiger Los Angeles’ latest coffee obsession has nothing to do with beans and brewing equipment. It’s all about the milk—and nut milk in particular.

At Larchmont Village coffee bar Go Get Em Tiger and its downtown sister shop, G&B Coffee, the house-made almond macadamia nut milk has become a cult hit among the caffeinated set. (The New York Times named the shop’s “fastidiously made” iced lattes “almost certainly the best” in the US—and not because of the espresso).

To fully grasp the scope of the craze, consider this: According to GGET/G&B co-founder Kyle Glanville, staff prep for busy days by making over 100 batches of nut milk, in one-liter Vitamix jugs, for each shop.  (And no, they’re not banking on having leftovers for the next day—it’s ideally consumed within 24 hours).

So what’s the secret? For starters, says Glanville, the addition of macadamia and dates make the milk creamier and somewhat sweeter than regular almond milk. “The almonds on their own can tend towards a slight astringency, so the macadamia gives a luxurious mouthfeel and mutes that bitterness,” he says.

And then there’s the fact that nut milk made fresh—without fillers, refined sugar, or preservatives—is just naturally going to taste better than the alternative. “By making it in-house daily, we are able to produce a beautiful raw nut milk that can’t be imitated in a packaged product,” says Glanville. “It’s not just good for an ‘alternative milk,’ but genuinely good.”

And you don’t even need to leave the house (or live in LA) to try it out for yourself; Glanville shared with us the cafes’ nut milk recipe so you can make it at home—but don’t blame us if your coffee (or matcha latte, or smoothie, or…) habit spirals out of control as a result.

Go Get Em Tiger / G&B Coffee’s Almond Macadamia Milk

1 cup blanched almonds
1/2 cup macadamia nuts
1/3 cup pitted dates
1L filtered water

Combine almonds, macadamia nuts, dates, and water in a large container; cover and soak at room temperature.

After at least 12 hours of soaking, finely puree the mixture in a blender for three to four minutes. Pour the puree into a nut milk bag and squeeze to strain liquid into a bowl, until all of the milk has been extracted.

Drink within five days (ideally, within 24 hours), and shake well before serving. Makes one quart.

Now what? We bet that this antioxidant-rich smoothie would taste even better with your homemade nut milk. Or learn more about the small-batch nut milk craze here.

(Photo: Amparo Rios)



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