Health(ier) chocolate to munch on this Halloween

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Sure, those days of trick-or-treating are long gone, but Halloween as an adult is actually the best. Case in point: the candy. Yep, believe it or not you can do better than scoring a king-size candy bar.

That’s because cacao is having a moment—and it’s popping up in bars, clusters, balls, and even laced with a little CBD.

But even if your candy doesn’t have cannabidiols, you might still feel a little high—and it’s actually a good thing. Instead of the Snickers or Twix-fueled bouncing off the walls (followed by an inevitable, epic crash), cacao will keep you calm (thanks to the magnesium), but will make you feel happy (due to the serotonin and tryptophan).

Ready to build your Halloween stash so you have some delicious, better-for-you treats come October 31? Scroll down for some tasty options.

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Photo: EatingEvolved

EatingEvolved Coconut Butter Cups

These coconut butter-based cups might have you saying Reese’s who? Yes, they’re that good. Not only do they come in flavors like caramel and sea salt, mint creme, and banana creme, but the Paleo snacks are dairy-free, organic, and fair trade. The ingredients lists are all simple (there’s nothing unrecognizable or anything you can’t pronounce in there) and believe it or not, only four grams of sugar—half of what’s in those gold foil-wrapped cups.

TigerNut Chocolate Clusters
Photo: Instagram/@organicgemini

Organic Gemini TigerNut Raw Chocolate Clusters

The best thing about cacao-covered tigernuts (which, by the way are a root vegetable and not a nut at all) is that you get some prebiotic fiber with your dessert. They’re also a good source of protein—one serving of these clusters has four grams. In addition to cacao, tigernuts, maple syrup, and sea salt, these clusters also feature sacha inchi, a plant native to Peru that’s high in omega 3s. That’s a lot of health benefits packed into one handful!

unreal candy
Photo: Unreal Candy

Unreal Candy Coated Milk Chocolate

If you have a soft spot for M&Ms, reach for these colorful candies, which have absolutely nothing artificial inside. (Just ask Gisele and Tom Brady, who are fans.) Instead, their vibrant coloring comes from sources like red cabbage juice, beetroot juice, and turmeric extract—without taking away from the milk chocolate taste. More of a Peanut M&Ms person? Unreal Candy has a version for you, too.

sakara life
Photo: Sakara Life

Sakara Life CBD Chocolates

These chocolate nibs pull double duty by satisfying your sweet tooth while also curbing anxiety, thanks to a coating of CBD oil, derived from cannabis. And while you will feel more relaxed, don’t expect to get totally baked—it doesn’t produce a natural high or make you drowsy. 

Hu Kitchen
Photo: Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen Crunchy Banana Chocolate Bar

Chocolate-banana is a tried and true combo, and Hu Kitchen‘s bars are made with real bananas—not the artificial kind reminiscent of Runts. Besides the fruit, there are just three other ingredients (raw cacao, coconut sugar, and cocoa butter)—all organic, natch. 

Photo: Instagram/@justins

Justin’s White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

When it comes to Halloween, one type of peanut butter cups just isn’t enough. If you’re more of a white chocolate fan, Justin’s has you covered. Everything is organic and there’s nothing artificial inside. The peanut butter is super creamy—you’ll definitely feel full after eating.

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