Well+Good readers’ 3 favorite pre-workout snacks

workout snack Welcome to our every-so-often series of questions to discover how you, our readers, live a super interesting, healthy life. We totally invite you to dish on your habits, preferences, and know-how in the Comments, and we may even use our favorite ones in an up-coming article! This week we want to know…

This week, we asked you, Well+Good readers, to share whether or not you eat a snack before you work out, and if you do, what you reach for.

The results? We found some definite patterns among our readers’ habits.

Many of you preferred to skip eating, keep it light, or at least eat well before the workout to prevent discomfort during sweat sessions. (We don’t blame you—who wants a rumbling tummy during hot yoga?) And although water isn’t technically a snack, many of you found pre-workout hydration important enough to mention.

In addition to plenty of H20, here are three favorite snack ideas from readers:

1. Fruit (especially bananas!). Fruit was by far the most popular snack mentioned, with a large number of the votes going to sweet, light bananas. “Bananas remain my favorite because they are high in potassium and [and help me] avoid cramps, it’s nutrition plus flavor,” wrote Vivian. Others mentioned grapefruit, watermelon, and more.

2. Nuts and nut butters. A quick boost from nuts, like a spoonful of almond butter, was also a favorite options. “A handful of peanuts usually does the trick,” wrote Cindy.

3. Nutrition bars. Those squeezing workouts in among the million other things they accomplish each day said they often reached for a granola, chia, or nut bar as an on-the-go option. Some even mentioned brands featured in our guide to the best and worst nutrition bars, which you can use if you’d like to follow their lead.

Still want to chime in with your favorite pre-workout snacks? Add yours to the Comments, below!

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