How to turn a diet soda family into a juice family

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Recently, Suja Juice gave six Well+Good readers a free week’s supply of handcrafted, cold-pressured organic juice for arguing best that they needed a juice intervention (who doesn’t?!). Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling their #itsthejuice stories, and sharing what surprised them most about their super-juiced week. 

If you think kids will only eat chicken nuggets, talk to Gretchen Kraig Turner. During her week of Suja Juice, she said her 1-year-old son got a new rallying cry: “Green juice! Green juice!”

“He just really loved it,” says Turner, a high school science teacher in Portland, OR. “We are juice people now. We used to be diet soda people.”

They’ve been on a wellness journey together for several months, including weekly family hiking days and healthier meals—as mom and dad have been losing weight and trying to set a good example, Turner says.

And since they spend so much time outdoors, Turner says the ability to grab a juice and go has been a game-changer for her: no cups with straws from the juice bar to deal with (and no need to make juice at home ahead of time).

“I can put it in my back pocket or my diaper bag or my puffy vest pocket, which is what I wear in Oregon this time of year,” she says. “We go back and forth, because we do have a juicer and use it sometimes, but the ability to throw one in the bag is really wonderful.”


Results: What were the three most surprising things about Turner’s weeklong #juicervention?

1. She stopped having afternoon coffee.

“I think it was the ritual of afternoon coffee that I liked—it feels like a treat. And you get a little burst of energy and that pulls you through,” she says. “But you get the same thing with juice, without the edginess or trouble sleeping.”

2. Her kids wanted in on the juice action.

“I can’t keep my 1-year-old away from the smoothies. And he even drank the one with beets, which surprised me because it has that earthy beet flavor,” she says.

3. The juices can easily be turned into “sorbet” for dessert.

“If you add an extra banana in there and blend it, it’s almost like an ice cream—then you can put coconut flakes and almonds on top of it, as a healthy sundae,” she says. “It replaced the ‘I want a Popsicle’ thing.”

So, what kind of nutrition do busy moms need?

“For busy and active moms making time for family and fitness, staying hydrated is important yet often forgotten in the daily grind.  Staying hydrated helps to ward off exhaustion, headaches, and false hunger cues,” says Amy Shapiro, RD, the founder of Real Nutrition, a New York City-based nutritional counseling center.

Shapiro suggests these ingredients:

1.  Beets may help with prolonged stamina and enhance fitness performance. Great for long hikes and outdoor activity with the family.

2.  Lemons help prevent skin damage for outdoor lovers, thanks to high amounts of vitamin C.

3.  Cayenne pepper may be a metabolic booster and has been shown to decrease appetite when eaten earlier in the day.

Find these ingredients and more in Suja’s selection of juices: always organic, handcrafted, non-GMO, chemical-free, and preservative-free. 

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