Juice landmark Liquiteria presses on—with new locations and hot partnerships

As Organic Avenues and Juice Generations began to pop up on every corner, it seemed this East Village landmark would be left in the dust. Until now.
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On the New York juice scene, Liquiteria is old school. The company has been cold pressing veggies since 1996—long before kale became en vogue and Gwyneth discovered green juice.

But amid the juice boom of the past few years, it seemed the East Village landmark—which primarily makes made-to-order fresh juices but also sells and ships bottles and cleanses—would be left in the dust. BluePrint began stocking shelves at Whole Foods, and the Juice Press, Organic Avenue, and Juice Generation (Liquiteria’s closest counterpart) started opening locations on every corner.

Until now. Now, the company is turning up the speed on its Vitamixes with plans to open several new locations in New York and partnerships with yoga studios and hotel bars.

“We’re the original and the best,” says Brian Schoenberger, who runs the company with partner Doug Green. “When you grow, the last thing you want is to dilute the brand. We believe in our product, and we have the team and infrastructure together now to really grow.”

(Photo: flickr/)NudieFoodie

Schoenberger says the years in one-location mode were not stagnant. Rather, the company focused on creating a consistent product that would “speak for itself,” a strategy he says has been successful. Last year, the Daily Meal named Liquiteria the best juice bar in the country, and its high profile fans include Russell Simmons and Natalie Portman.

Schoenberger wasn’t yet ready to give us hard facts on the new locations, but he says that there will be “several” in New York City, with a few spaces already confirmed, and they’ll be opening “soon—sooner than our competitors would like to hear.”

In terms of partnerships, Yoga Vida just started selling Liquiteria juices at both of its locations at the beginning of July, and the Mondrian Hotel is making the cocktails at its swanky rooftop pool bar with the fresh juices.

Apparently, the super-cocktails have been a huge hit, especially with the Morgans Hotel Group’s CEO, and Schoenberger is hoping to get the juices into all of the group’s properties. A menu revamp is also on the near horizon.

But will the tried-and-true brand be able to catch up with the other players in the market, many of which have already taken off with a mile-long head start?

“Everyone wants to get into juicing, but the reality is, you have to know how to do it, and do it right,” Schoenberger says. “It takes years to find the right equipment, build a great team, and develop great juices. It’s not something that just happens.” —Lisa Elaine Held

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