Ridiculously cool recipes from The Summer Shift

Rockaway Beach Summer Shift On your Rockaway Beach weekends, you may still be mourning the disappearance of cult-fave Rockaway Taco. But here’s some good news: a food shack—The Summer Shift—has popped up in its place this year, featuring a rotating cast of chefs offering fresh, healthy takes on Latin cuisine.

“We’re big fans of the Latin culture, its wonderfully wholesome and tasty foods, and its decor,” says Anna Polonsky, co-owner of design agency MP Shift, which teamed up with David Selig, owner of Rockaway Taco, to create the concept.

“When David asked us to help him do something new for the summer, we jumped on the opportunity and decided to curate the shack around this theme, programming young Latin chefs from the city and re-designing the space,” she says.

Now, you’ll find chefs like Feelfood and O Café’s Fernando Aciar and Navy’s Camille Becera serving up ocean-side-friendly fare like veggie ceviche, acai bowls, and coconut popsicles (!!!), using many ingredients from Selig’s Edgemere Farm in the Rockaways.

You should probably plan a beach day immediately and swing by. But in the meantime, try whipping up these seriously amazing (yet easy) recipes—Stuffed Avocado and an Acai Smoothie Bowl—from The Summer Shift for beachy, Latin vibes in your own kitchen. —Lisa Elaine Held

The Summer Shift, 95-19 Rockaway Beach Blvd., at Beach 96th St, Rockaway, NY, 11693, www.thempshift.com

 (All Photos: The Summer Shift)


Get Started
Stuffed avocado Palta Rellena (Stuffed Avocado)
By Neighbors: a pop-up collaboration at The Summer Shift, between Peruvian chefs Leyla & Ximena Yrala of La Cevicheria and Chicks to Go, and Brazilian chef Carlos Varella


1/2 avocado, pitted
2 oz cooked red quinoa
2 oz cooked white quinoa
1 oz lime juice (squeeze)
1/2 oz cilantro (chopped)
1/2 oz red pepper (chopped)
1 tsp Olive oil
salt (to taste)
2 oz choclo (Peruvian corn, or substitute regular corn)
1 whole green lime (squeezed)

Mix everything but the avocado. When the quinoa salad is ready, pile it on top of the half avocado.

 (Photo: Beatrice Helman for The Summer Shift)


The Summer Shift Acai Smoothie Bowl
By O Café’s Argentinian chef Fernando Aciar, for The Summer Shift


1 1/2 açai pack (You can buy them at Rio Market, or in many natural stores around the city.)
1/2 frozen banana
8 oz fresh apple juice or apple cider
4 ice cubes


Dr. Cow’s Sprouted Organic Go-Granola
Cacoa nibs

Using a blender, mix well until texture is smooth. Add toppings, serve.

(Photo: Beatriz Da Costa)


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