Can sipping juice make you mindful?

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We can all agree that sipping on a green juice has a vibe and intention that’s way different than chugging a cup of coffee, whose intention is to rev you up, and fast. But comparing cold-press consumption to a mindfulness? That’s a new one.

Mindful Juice is the latest Gotham-born brand that’s 100 percent organic, and built around the ethos that a healthy juice habit is just a part of being more in touch with your body, and how you’re treating it.

“The idea of mindfulness is simple in theory, but not always easy; we actively strive to be conscious of how we nourish our bodies and understand why we do what we do,” says co-founder Schuyler Semlear. “For the company, this translates to giving great thought to each ingredient we decide to include in our products and contributing to a larger conversation about what it means to lead the best life possible.” If he sounds a little serious, he is.

For New York-based founders Brian Carroll and Schuyler Semlear the nutrition and function of each ingredient is top of mind. Carroll holds a Master’s degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, where he also teaches environmental policy and Semlear is a science teacher.

To start their juicing journey, they’re selling three flavors in Manhattan at the Hester Street Fair, and in the Hamptons at Sag Harbor’s Sagtown Coffee and the soon-to-open location in Montauk. The blends include a low-glycemic green juice, packed with kale, dandelion, parsley, and lemon; a red beet-focused blend; and a slightly sweet juice with pineapple, mint, apple, and turmeric, as well as two shots, a feisty lemon, ginger, and cayenne option, and a spirulina-focused one.

All the makings of a perfectly refreshing juice to sip on this summer. Maybe on your meditation pillow? —Molly Gallagher

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