New York’s first farm-fresh soup cleanse

How does this cleanse differ from cold-pressed juice ones you’ve tried? You're getting warmer.
sweet potato
The Spicy Sweet Potato came with a kick…and lots of beta-carotene and vitamin C.


Cold-pressed juice is refreshing on a hot summer day, but on cold winter days, you’ll probably be wishing for something warmer. That’s where The Splendid Spoon—New York’s first fresh soup cleanse company—comes in.

The Greenpoint-based, vegetarian soupery (formerly known as Sea Bean Goods) used to sell its steaming wares at Smorgasburg, but now, founders Nicole and Brian Chaszar are focused on delivering them to city residents in the form of two- to four-day nutrient-rich soup cleanses.

“It’s meant to reset your system if you’ve had a week of ordering take-out, or if you feel like you need to get back on track with your healthy eating habits but you don’t want to do a juice cleanse,” says Nicole Chaszar. Her philosophy: “When it’s cold out, you often don’t want to be fasting, you want to eat food.”

Chaszar’s soups also double as cold-and-flu-fighters. To make sure they’re stocked with nutrient goodness, she works with a nutritionist to develop recipes and sources ingredients from farms less than 200 miles away—so you’re getting the veggies’ fiber and antioxidants just a few days after they’ve been picked. (The exact farms are listed on the website.)

splendid spoon
The Splendid Spoon’s Chilled Spring Onion Soup with Salvatore Ricotta

Soups come in forget-Hale-&-Hearty flavors like Pumpkin Apple, Lentils and Greens, and Curried Carrot, and your cleanse includes a pint for lunch and a pint for dinner, with breakfast suggestions sent sweetly by email (e.g. “How about steel-cut oats, a scoop of apple butter, and a few toasted almonds?).

My soup delivery of Spicy Sweet Potato and White Beans and Kale coincidentally came (via a super-cute bike messenger) on a day I was sick in bed. The flavors were complex and delicious, and I could taste the freshness—and my strength coming back—with each spoonful.

“My goal is to help people eat healthy food at times when they aren’t able to make good decisions for themselves,” says Chaszar. And let’s face it, whether it’s a winter flu bug or just a typical crazy work week, those times come around more often than we’d like. —Lisa Elaine Held

Cleanses are available for two days ($50), four days ($75), or subscriptions (vary). For more options and info, visit

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