Now you can get Instagram-ready healthy breakfast parfaits delivered

jarbar_granolajarsnyc You know those gorgeous layered Mason jar parfaits you see all over Instagram and Pinterest? Well, now you can get them brought to your door instead of spending your Sunday making them.

Jar Bar NYC is a new company serving lower Manhattan that delivers the all-natural concoctions (ready for both your iPhone camera and breakfast) at a minimum of five jars for $35.

It’s just the latest example of how in New York City, the food delivery guys will now drop off has gotten super healthy—think lunch from David Chang and artisanal vegan ice cream to spiralized noodles. (Working off your meals may be harder, though, once your fifth-floor walk-up is out of the equation.)

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healthy breakfast delivery

So, why breakfast in a jar?

“During college, I started experimenting with chia seeds and began creating different chia based puddings, jams and yogurts,” says Jenna Heller, a recent Syracuse-grad who launched the operation this year. “I realized there was a huge demand for a product with wide appeal: tasty, protein-packed, free of dairy and artificial or processed sugar, portable, filling, and convenient.”

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healthy breakfast delivery

Flavors come in delectable combinations like mixed berry chia jam layered with almond butter overnight oats or classic chia pudding layered with fresh berries, all topped with crunchy granola. When we tried it, we were impressed by how pretty the jars were (the photos aren’t fooling you) and the jars tasted pretty good (but the granola was the flavor we liked the most).

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Right now, Heller says that most of her clients are offices who cater breakfast, but with a concept that makes busy mornings easier and is basically made for social media, we suspect that’s going to change soon. —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Jar Bar NYC)

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