Refrigerator Look Book: Daniel Lubetzky, founder of KIND

Daniel Lubetzky KIND

Like many healthy entrepreneurs we know (think: Annie Lawless of Suja or Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics), when KIND founder Daniel Lubetzky felt like he couldn’t find the exact right product (in this case, a snack bar) he was looking for, he set out to make it himself.

“I was traveling, working long hours, and looking for a healthy snack,” he says. But there wasn’t anything out there to satisfy my cravings that was also wholesome.” Now KIND is known for pioneering that mission, and Lubetzky recently released a book, Do the KIND Thing, which details his company’s journey— and its larger purpose: to make the world a kinder place, often through charitable efforts and social campaigns, like donating $10,000 every month to a different charity chosen by consumer votes.

We took a peek inside the New York City fridge that he shares with his wife and four kids, to see what he eats at home (besides Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bars). —Amy Marturana

Look at all that fruit. How often do you eat it? Well, this fridge feeds my whole family, but I do eat one fruit in the morning and one in the afternoon, every single day. We always have blueberries, apples, oranges, and bananas.kind-refrigerator-look-book

What do you eat your morning fruit with? The Fage yogurt is a staple; I eat it almost every morning. What I tend to have for breakfast is a half cup of blueberries, with a few spoonfuls of Fage, and a half cup of KIND Healthy Grains.

What about that tub of leftovers on the top shelf? Is it homemade? It’s matzo ball soup. There are a lot of things we make at home from fresh ingredients—most of our meals are home-cooked.

What else do you make at home for dinner? What’s the plate covered in plastic wrap? Lamb chops. Next to it are sweet potato fries, also homemade. Normally you would have seen a prepared salad in here, too…

Sweet potato fries sound great. And it looks like you’re a cheese fan. I love cheese, and with that fig spread up top. In the drawer is Manchego cheese; my new favorite kind is García Baquero Villacenteno.

Okay, what’s Temp Tee? It’s a soft cream cheese, my kids eat a lot of that. I try to get them to eat whole grain bread, so we’ll put that on it. The potato buns are for burgers for the kids, and so is the broccoli. That’s the one vegetable they eat like crazy.

Tell me about all the sauces and spreads. Next to the cucumbers is Caracas sauce, from an arepa bar in New York City. It’s incredible. I wouldn’t call it hot sauce—I’m Mexican, so hot sauce is hot sauce—but it has a little kick, a lot of flavor, sweet and not too spicy. The other three little jars are Meditalia pesto, olive tapenade, and tomato spread. Most of the cooking in the house is pretty flavorful but if I feel like it’s missing a little something, I add it myself.

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(Photo: KIND)

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