Why you should eat the breakfast of your dreams every day

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Sure, the Gisele-approved 80/20 diet has its perks (you can still eat truffle fries and chocolate), but what if there were a diet that encourages you to eat an immensely satisfying breakfast—where you can seriously go all-out—every single day?

It exists. Known as reverse dieting, this nutritional plan flips the way you’re eating and essentially calls for a breakfast that could pass as a dinner and vice versa. Breakfast enthusiasts, rejoice!

Nutritionist Heidi Skolnik and Tricia Cunningham, who’ve written a book about it called The Reverse Diet, say you should basically “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper,” Byrdie reports.

The idea is that having a large, nutrient-dense breakfast (think high in protein and healthy fats), you’ll crave a smaller meal come dinnertime.

Protein throughout the day is very helpful for numerous reasons,” says Skolnik. “So start your day with a higher-protein breakfast. Traditionally you think of protein at dinner, but make sure that you get that in at breakfast, because it’s really helpful for weight, body mass, appetite regulation, insulin regulation—a whole bunch of things.”

Reverse dieting also calls for whole foods rather than processed, with lots of veggies, and not much sugar. So basically it’s a healthy way of starting your day with a bang, which is something that’s easy to get behind.

For some satisfying breakfast inspo, check out these three delicious (and nutritious) recipes to try ASAP.

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superhuman breakfast
Photo: Ellen Silverman

The Superhuman Breakfast

Photo: Veronica Bosgraaf
Photo: Veronica Bosgraaf

Egg White Scramble with Curried Goat Cheese and Dandelion Greens

breakfast burrito
Photo: Top with Cinnamon

Healthy Breakfast Burrito

But what about dessert? These (healthy) pumpkin peanut butter molten cake cups are a must-try. As is this gluten-free banana chocolate marble teacake.   

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