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Photo: Pexels/Adrianna Calvo

Even though Starbucks has a whole secret menu of healthy items, it’s the sugar-loaded beverages that get star placement. From offering whipped cream on just about anything to coming out with a cookie straw for your frapp, health usually isn’t at the forefront. But the brand just announced that it’s making a big—wait for it—healthy change.

According to Business Insider, the mega chain is adding almond milk to the menu as soon as next month. It’s been customers’ biggest complaint by far (yes, even more than having their name spelled wrong)—logging more than 96,000 requests online. (For the record, they have been offering coconut milk for a while.)

But of course not any old almond milk would do. Part of the reason why it’s taken so long for Starbucks to add the nut milk to the menu (seriously, like, where have you been?), is that they’ve been crafting their own branded almond milk. So how much extra is it going to cost you to upgrade your latte from skim to almond? Sixty cents.

The addition will let you get even more experimental when crafting those off-the-menu items. Now, you’ll be able to request an almond milk matcha latte, or purple drink with almond milk and blackberries on top, or an almond milk smoothie with fresh strawberries. It’s a whole new (cold-brewed) world.

Want to make your own boosted beverage? Try this turmeric milkshake. But regardless of how you like your java buzz, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about drinking coffee.