The meal kit delivery service to get you out of your recipe rut

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SunBasket-RibbonBetween trying to squeeze in a workout, meeting your deadlines at work, and being sidelined by super pressing issues (like planning your dream home on Pinterest), it’s tough to get around to creating—and shopping for—that healthy weekly meal plan. 

So, why not out outsource the job?

Enter Sun Basket, the meal kit delivery service that sends pre-prepped recipes with all the ingredients and instructions in tow. With organic and non-GMO produce from the country’s top farms (plus sustainably sourced, hormone-free meats, and seafood), Sun Basket wants you get the healthiest grub on the market—and the results are just as tasty as they are Instagrammable.

We know…because we tried it. Yup, for one night, James Beard award-winning chef Justine Kelly (Sun Basket’s recipe genius) provided dinner.

Here’s how it goes down: First, you check out the menu to choose your options (you get three meals per week, for two or four people). Each week, there are 12 globally inspired dishes on the table, like Thai turkey lettuce cups, Tandoori-style chicken with coconut okra and cilantro rice, and salmon in parchment with lemon and dill (and breakfast, like overnight strawberry coconut-milk pudding or corn scramble with pesto).

And if you’ve got dietary preferences, don’t worry—you can also snag vegetarian, Paleo, and gluten-free meals, and all recipes are approved by an in-house nutritionist. Our choice? Rigatoni with cauliflower and lemon. (Especially post-boot camp, just FYI.)

Photo: Sun Basket
Photo: Sun Basket

The goods arrived at the office in an insulated (recyclable!) box complete with a (compostable) freezer pack to keep everything fresh. Inside, everything was in neat, labeled containers alongside a recipe card with detailed instructions. All of Sun Basket’s recipes are designed to take around 30 minutes, and even instruct you how to use the same pan to avoid more cleanup. (Can we get an amen for fewer dishes?)

Sure, pasta may seem like a tame decision—but there was nothing tame about the flavor fireworks that materialized, complete with fresh baby arugula and rosemary, spicy Aleppo pepper flakes, and toasted bread crumbs and pine nuts. The instructions were detailed enough to be clear, but not fussy (“Add the lemon wheels and cook until browned, two to three minutes per side”), and the whole show came together in less time than the directions estimated.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to eat healthy or a route out of a recipe rut (seriously—we’d never considered the crazy-awesome flavor combos in our dish before), Sun Basket offers a life hack you can feel good about, instead of ordering takeout again.

To sign up for your own easy (and healthy!) meal delivery, go to

Feature image: Sun Basket

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