The ultra-healing, Ayurvedic cider latte everyone in Brooklyn is freaking out over

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All photos courtesy of The End Brooklyn
When Montauk Juice Factory partners Madeleine Murphy and Bret Caretsky decided to expand their enterprise to include a Brooklyn brick and mortar, choosing between juice and coffee just wasn’t an option. “We’re all about liquid love,” Murphy says with a laugh.

The manifestation presents itself in The End Brooklyn, what Murphy and Caretsky brand as a high-vibe cafe with the tagline “Let your intention lead you.” The Williamsburg spot has the sit-and-linger quality of your fave coffee shop, but also goes way beyond java (think bee pollen or chlorophyll-spiked bevs). Plus, inside the small space is a retail section selling everything from T-shirts to essential oils and crystal elixirs, all made from artists based in either Brooklyn or Montauk.

The End Brooklyn

“We want to create an experience,” Caretsky says. “There are a lot of places in Brooklyn that sell juice or food, but what sets us apart is how and why we serve the things we do.” This includes menu items such as unicorn lattes (made the blue green algae, maca, vanilla, and ginger), earl gray rose petal lattes, and bonfire cider lattes (an Ayurvedic blend of carrot, apple, cayenne, turmeric, ginger, and raw honey).

“Our healing lattes bridge the gap between juice and coffee,” Murphy explains. “They have the vibrant, functional ingredients of juice but are served in a way that’s more experimental—people have an emotional connection to drinking coffee.” The food menu is in growth mode and will be expanded in the coming year, but expect dreamy-sounding offerings like a matcha-based, dairy-free yogurt bowl, coconut butter toast, and a prosciutto sandwich with locally sourced microgreens.

The End Brooklyn's creative food menu

The duo make it a point to get to know all their vendors personally, including their coffee farmer. “The ingredients are really important to us. Madi and I seek out people who are passionate about one specific ingredient or crop,” Caretsky says.

And that passion, they hope, will be contagious: In February 2017 they’re launching a full calendar of events to help foster the community (with a few workshops rolling out in January).

First up: a tarot card tea latte party. “People will be able to sample our new tea lattes using elixir shot glasses while choosing a tarot card spread,” Murphy explains. Another event on the books is a crystal 101 workshop, taught by a local crystal elixir merchant who will share her tips on how to use the healing minerals in everyday life.

“We wanted to create a little portal between two worlds, Montauk and Brooklyn, that serve things that are inspiring, in an inspiring place, made by inspiring people,” Murphy says. “We always say we serve coffee, juice, and vibes. The vibes are created when people get together and do cool things.”

The End, 522 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, New York, 11211, 347-987-3954, 

Want to sip on one of The End’s high-vibe drinks at home? The duo shared the recipe for their ultra-healing bonfire cider latte—get it below!

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bonfire latte

The End’s Bonfire Cider Latte

8 oz fresh apple juice
4 oz fresh carrot juice
1 Tbsp ground ginger 
1 Tbsp of ground turmeric
1 tsp honey
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of cayenne
Small splash of nondairy milk

1. Mix all ingredients and warm on low heat for two to three minutes.

2. Whisk with a fork or use a hand foamer for a frothy version.

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