The indie green juice company Wall Street loves

Love Grace Foods has found an unlikely niche carting green juice and cleanses past the Charging Bull. And soon, you may be sipping them, too.
Love Grace Foods
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It turns out venti Starbucks lattes aren’t the only thing fueling long days of trading at the New York Stock Exchange.

One of New York’s newest indie juice brands, Love Grace Foods, has found an unlikely niche delivering green juice and cleanses to Wall Streeters—and soon, you may be sipping their Green Sunshine, too.

Long Island City-based Love Grace Foods was created in October of last year by a quirky New York couple, Carissa-Ann Santos and Jacob Mabanta. Santos was a fit model and designer for Betsey Johnson for close to 10 years, while Mabanta is a chef who has headed up healthy-leaning restaurants like Williamsburg’s Rockin’ Raw. Both attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Jacob Mabanta and Carissa-Ann Santos, creators of Love Grace Foods.

The duo has been cold-pressing organic produce now for almost a year, selling their cleanses and a la carte juices at a few health food stores in the city and on Long Island, and online. But because of a silent partner who used to work on Wall Street, the brand soon found themselves carting apple-carrot Super Ciders past the Charging Bull on a regular basis.

“Our partner was on the floor for years, and he told his friend about it, and it just spread through word of mouth,” Santos says. “We’re delivering juice to the Stock Exchange pretty much every day.”

Now, the company—which makes seriously flavorful juices—is about to take off. Love Grace was recently picked up by a distributor and will begin increasing their production by 50 percent this month. So juice sippers not working on the trading floor will likely see them come November.

Santos and Mabanta are excited to be getting “a lot of juice to a lot of people.” But they won’t abandon their finance-loving fans either. “Wall Street’s where a lot of big things happen on the planet,” says Santos. “So if they can be transfused with health, that’s a good thing.” —Lisa Elaine Held

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