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CleandrinkingForget kale-apple-lemon. CleanDrinking‘s cold-pressed juices come in Hotamelon TequilaCleanse, RaspberryAddict VodkaCleanse, and PineappleLove VodkaCleanse.

Before you do a double-take, the blends behind this brand-new Hamptons cold-pressed juice company are made to be mixed with vodka or tequila. (Or both? We don’t judge.)

If you’re going to sip cocktails, the company suggests, you might as well mix in some fruits and veggies.

“People are so mindful about how they live these days, from yoga to meditation to serious workouts to eating local food,” says founder Blair Borthwick, of the inspiration behind the concept. “There’s absolutely no reason anyone should have to undo a healthy lifestyle just to enjoy a drink or two in the evening.” Meaning no mixers with junk in them.


Borthwick’s cheeky blends are just straight up juice, so you can sip them without adding a drop of alcohol, too. The Morning After Party will probably not see as many high-ball glasses, for example. (All the juices are cold-pressed, but not organic.)

CleanDrinking’s juices (at $11.99 each) will be available across the Hamptons this season, at shops and farm stands. And at Montauk’s Surf Lodge, they’ll be stocked in the minibars and served on the brunch menu. Manhattan residents can also order weekly home delivery. Rooftop party? —Jamie McKillop

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