Watermelon pizza is definitely the best thing to happen to summer

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Photo: Dani Tucker/Instagram
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If you’ve tried your city’s healthy pizza joints and made your own cauliflower crust ‘za at home, get ready for the next big trend in healthy slices: watermelon. 

The of-the-moment summer fruit is replacing traditional dough in a light, refreshing (and, duh, delicious) entrée. Topped with yogurt, granola, and your favorite in-season fruit, watermelon pizza is equally suitable for a healthy breakfast or a dinner party. An added bonus: The dish is most definitely Instagram-worthy.

This recipe comes from Dani Tucker, who created the cookbook The Social Kitchen (released earlier this year), in honor of her mother, Shally—one hundred percent of the sales are donated to Dermatrust, a non-profit helping people with skin disease (as if you needed another reason to buy a copy for yourself).

Ready to get your summer slice on? Scroll down to get the recipe for watermelon pizza.

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The Social Kitchen‘s Watermelon Pizza

1 small whole watermelon
Selection of fruit
5 Tbsp yogurt
3 Tbsp granola

1. Cut the melon roughly an inch thick through the center to keep the round shape.

2. Cut into pieces, like it’s a pizza.

3. Spoon yogurt over the pieces from the center (AKA the point) outwards toward the rind.

4. Place your selection of fruit on top.

5. Lightly sprinkle on the granola and drizzle agave on top.

Looking for a healthy granola to top your pizza with? These are five Well+Good approved brands. And fun fact: Making your own yogurt is way easier than you think. (Yes, even coconut yogurt!) 

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