How to build a healthy, holistic pantry (including snacks)

healthy-pantry-items-1 Step aside, flour and sugar: The pantry, often considered the most controversial (dare we say, unhealthiest) part of any kitchen, is about to undergo a serious detox.

And no, we’re not just talking about a KonMari-style cabinet clean out. Top holistic nutrition brands (including Moon Juice and Sakara Life) have turned their focus to pantry staples, whipping up ultra-nutritious granolas, chips, and more to help us replace the junky stuff.

And because the cupboard cleansing process can be overwhelming (wait, is agave back on the okay-to-eat list?!) many of these nutrient-dense dry goods are being offered up in curated collections—so that with one click, you’ll get everything you need to get your kitchen in New Year’s resolutions-keeping shape.

“I see so many ready for change, excited about the path to wellness, yet confused about how to get there,” says Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon, whose year-old Moon Pantry shop was at the forefront of the now-growing trend. “People are hungry for direction in how to stock their pantry shelves and for information on the ways each new power food will impact their well-being. Collectively, these foods are effective and delicious building blocks of a modern pantry, presented in an organized, efficient, and attractive way.”

Read on to discover four ways to build a healthy holistic pantry, from superfoods to nuts (sprouted, natch). —Erin Magner

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Get Started
healthy-pantry-items-2 Kore Kitchen’s Kore Kit
Best for: vitamin hoarders

Good news: you may never have to choke down another horse pill-size supplement again. Meryl Pritchard, the founder of Los Angeles meal delivery service Kore Kitchen, created the Kore Kit ($115) as a more palatable—and clean—alternative. “I personally use superfoods as my multi-vitamins since they’re not made synthetically in a lab,” says Pritchard, a holistic nutritionist. “I find it much more enjoyable to get all of my daily nutrients in a hydrating and delicious smoothie.”

The Kore Kit consists of eight individually packaged ingredients—spirulina, acai, cacao, maca, coconut oil, goji berries, hemp seeds, and chia seeds—as well as a set of recipes and a run-down of each superfood’s benefits. “They all have different properties, which complement each other to help you maintain whole body health,” says Pritchard. While you’ll be privy to recipes like the Blood Transfusion Tonic (it’s an energizing combination of spirulina and coconut water), which zero in on a single ingredient, Pritchard also recommends just throwing all of the add-ins into one power-packed smoothie. Easy as (vitamins) A, B, C.

(Photo: Kore Kitchen)


Sakara_EAT_CLEAN_PLAY_DIRTY_KIT_1280 copy Sakara Life’s Clean Boutique
Best for: junk food junkies

Can’t bear the thought of ditching your chocolate and soda? Thanks to Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise, you don’t have to…exactly.

The New Yorkers, whose Sakara Life meal delivery program just went nationwide, launched the Clean Boutique to help their clients eat well between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “Since snacks are typically on-the-go, it can be hard to find a clean option,” says Tingle. “We wanted to make it easy for our clients to eat clean and feel like their best selves throughout their entire day.”

Their creations are available a la carte or in various sampler packs. Our pick, the Eat Clean, Play Dirty Collection ($109), includes probiotic-infused chocolate, vitamin-rich watermelon jerky, adaptogenic granola, snack bars, and a rose- and beet-flavored “beauty water” that makes a tasty alternative to soda when mixed with sparkling water (and we hear it’s also great with—cover your ears, Dry January-ers—vodka). Added bonus? With Sakara Life’s sexy-sleek packaging, you won’t need to bother putting your food away when friends come over.

(Photo: Sakara Life)


healthy-pantry-items-philosophie Philosophie’s Superfood Subscriptions
Best for: the “I’m so busy” set

“Philosophie began with me simply wishing that I could have an amazing blend of superfoods and proteins together in one, convenient jar—I didn’t want to line up 10 bags each morning next to my blender,” says Los Angeles-based raw food chef Sophie Jaffe, who started her brand with organic, vegan protein powders. And now, she’s putting her stamp on other pantry items too, namely superfood-enriched honey and coconut butter.

Why these two toppers, in particular? “Superfood honey is a natural sweetener that possesses antibacterial properties and powerful antioxidants,” Jaffe explains. “Coconut butter is thick and creamy at room temperature, similar to peanut butter. It’s packed with fiber and rich in healthy fats, as well as nutrients like magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, iron, and lauric acid.”

For the full Philosophie treatment with zero effort, just pick a flavor—Berry Bliss, Cacao Magic, or the earthy Green Dream—and order a recurring bundle of butter, honey, and protein ($60). “When the body receives optimal nourishment, it more readily releases unneeded material and toxins, leaving you feeling renewed and vibrantly healthy,” says Jaffe. And couldn’t we all use a little more of that?

(Photo: Philosophie)


moonjuice-packages_4032_23296 Moon Juice’s Moon Pantry
Best for: alimentary alchemists

Leave it to LA’s Moon Juice to take the concept of a healthy pantry to the next level. Not only does its virtual Moon Pantry stock the basics—activated nuts, grain-free flours, almond butter, raw vanilla—but it also carries potions far more exotic.

“The Moon Pantry is a system of high functioning, bio-available, potent, and medicinal whole foods with unique flavor profiles and mouth feels,” says founder Amanda Chantal Bacon. “Many of them are adaptogens—foods that naturally balance the body’s hormones and processes.” (They’re also one of Well + Good’s top 2016 wellness trends.)

Where to begin? There’s a starter kit ($90) for newbies filled with maca, almond butter, tocotrienols, pink salt, cacao, and cardamom; the Nourishment for the Mogul package ($145) includes more energizing ingredients, such as vanilla mushroom protein, mucuna pruriens, and Moon Juice’s signature Brain Dust. But for the ultimate kitchen refresh, go for the Full Moon Pantry Collection ($595), which contains all 28 of the brand’s power powders. Is it too early to start next year’s holiday wish list?

(Photo: Moon Juice)


Thrive Market_superfood_collage_1_blog-2000x1086

Thrive Market’s Superfoods
Best for: smoothie addicts

If there’s one downside to having a maca-cacao-goji shake every morning, it’s that keeping all of those power powders stocked can make a serious dent in your bank account. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to find out that Thrive Market—the online retailer that sells healthy goods at wholesale prices—has started selling its own brand of organic superfoods, which ring in at about half the price of other brands. (Can we get a hallelujah?)

Right now, the collection consists of four evergreen staples: protein-packed chia seeds ($7.95), energizing maca powder ($17.95), mood-enhancing cacao powder ($9.95), and antioxidant-rich cacao nibs ($10.95). In other words, they’re the essential ingredients that we all turn to time and again—a great option if you have a less-is-more mentality for your cupboards.

Once you’re all set with superfood pantry items, it’s time to focus on gut-friendly foods—here are 7 new probiotic-packed options.

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