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We've been noticing a wave of bright white, and we're not just referring to the snow that's been falling, like, every day.
White openerWorkout wardrobes tend to be centered around a sea of black (especially in New York), with some funky patterns, jewel tones, and neons thrown in.

But this winter, we’ve been noticing a new wave of bright white—and we’re not just referring to the snow that’s been falling, like, every day. White is front and center in new collections from big brands like Lole to indie ones like Nesh.

And while wearing tight white while sweating profusely can feel like a frightening gamble, most lines are featuring the color as they move away from fitted Spandex towards more flowy, breezy styles. (Phew.) It’s a look that’s already popular on the West Coast and works beautifully in yoga studios (especially those of the Kundalini variety, where wearing the color is encouraged).

Here are some of pretty white pieces you can wear up until, and after, Labor Day. —Lisa Elaine Held


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NeshNesh Tie Back Tee, $98

This drapey, semi-sheer top comes with metallic stitching and a back hem tie, and it allows you to show off a great sports bra while staying modest.


(Photo: Nesh NYC)


Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 4.30.58 PM Pilot Athletic Amy Pocket Tank, $80.50

A classic racerback with a flattering scoop neck and cute front pocket detail, perfect for pairing with those louder pairs of leggings.


(Photo: Carbon38)


Bodha_Sana_P_Pearl_1024x1024Bodha Sana Long-Sleeve$128 (AUD)

An apres-yoga essential from an Australian brand known for its luxe, comfy fabrics.


(Photo: Bodha)


Roxy featherlightRoxy Featherlight Windbreaker, $98

This lightweight run jacket is perfect for spring (marathon) training. It’s treated with a water-repellant finish for showers and you can take it off and roll it up into its own zip pocket when the sun comes out.




racerteedeepvtank-splmsh-wh-08593_bc148b93-66ec-4285-8848-7dd145017975_grandeNorma Kamali Side Stripe Capri with Mesh Insert, $165

The renowned fashion designer just launched her first fitness fashion line, and white plays a huge role. Rock these leggings with mesh inserts during a class where your legs could use some breathing room.


(Photo Norma Kamali)


Lole white Lopa topLole Lopa Top, $140

Lole’s White Collection was inspired by its international White Yoga Tour, and this cascading fabric top was designed in collaboration with popular yogi Elena Brower. Wear it with the white Vinaya Leggings for the full effect. (Ideal for Kundalini!)


(Photo: Lole)


AthletaAthleta Zinger Tank, $44

A sportier take on the trend that’s fit for running or boot camp, this Athleta tank has 360 degrees of reflective details (for safety!) and a handy zip pocket for stashing your keys while jogging through the park.


(Photo: Athleta)


Lucas Hugh Hooded Jacket, $385

Whether you wear this mesh jacket from the London high-fashion fitness line for warm-ups, cool-downs, or during a workout, you’ll always look hot.

(Photo: Carbon 38)


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