8 Duvet Covers for People Who Never Clean Their Comforter (Yes, You!)

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I’ve been in this three week long running dialogue with my mother about how I need good quality duvet covers for Christmas. Cotton only and easy to wash because, "You’re not going to want to clean your comforter regularly in the winter, I know you.” My mother assures me that this is the only barrier between me and adulthood.

But mothers aside, there are so many practical (and hygienic) reasons for investing in a duvet cover. For one thing, your bedding is typically gross as hell, home to pizza crumbs and germs alike. And if you sleep naked (and as a lazy girl's Marilyn Monroe, I occasionally do), your sheets could be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses such as including E. coli, ringworm, salmonella, herpes, norovirus, athlete’s foot, and the flu. And if you're against top sheets (also me, is this now just an article about how I'm low-key revolting?) that's going to spread to your duvet cover.

Duvet covers arrive as a happy compromise for someone who is too gross to frequently wash their comforter, but not too gross to care about their basic health. Also, someone who wants to change up their bedding for the season. For your and my mom's consideration, here are a few intriguing picks.

Good quality duvet covers for easy washing

1. Brooklinen Luxe Duvet Cover, $135

This topography-inspired cover has terracotta lines all over, the perfect neutral for someone who was always too serious for millennial pink (RIP). You'll get exceptional quality with Brooklinen, too; though technically cotton, these come with a buttery smooth feel and a delicate sheen. Luxe indeed

Shop now: Brooklinen Luxe Duvet Cover, $135

2. Kate Spade Grand Floral Full/Queen Duvet Set, $150

Look at these friendly flowers! With the pastel blue and abstract petal dabs, this Kate Spade duvet cover skews the line between "adorable" and "too adorable." Wouldn't you love to jump into the crisp folds of this flower bed?

Shop now: Kate Spade Grand Floral Full/Queen Duvet Set, $150

3. Jardin Duvet Set by Justina Blakeney, $150

Do you love falling asleep like a lioness, nestled among all the lush greenery (read: potted plants)? This duvet cover by Justina Blakeney will give you serious Queen of the Jungle vibes, while keeping a very modern, boho feel.

Shop now: Jardin Duvet Cover by Justina Blakeney, $150

4. A Neon Wonderland called Tokyo Duvet Cover, $66

Full disclosure, I'm generally not into comforters that celebrate cities in that tacky, dorm room style. You know, they save "Love Paris" in curly-q script and you're just like, "I do love Paris, but I'm almost 30." That being said, I DO love this hyper #aesthetic Tokyo-themed cover. It's fun, it's different, it's an exciting alternative if the typical floral print and paisley doesn't do it for you.

Shop now: A Neon Wonderland called Tokyo Duvet Cover, $66

5. Traditional Duvet Cover - Strawberry Thief Intense, $147

This duvet cover skews more traditional...as in, it's literally in the product description. But it also features STRAWBERRIES and BIRDIES among its tangle of foliage, creating a pattern that's almost renaissance-y.  It's 100 percent cotton sateen and 1000 percent beautiful.

Shop now: Traditional Duvet Cover - Strawberry Thief Intense, $147

6. Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover, $107

Love monochromatic sheets? Hate night sweats? Both? You're going to want to snag one of Ettitude's bedding bundles, as they specialize in silky, cool-to-the-touch bamboo sheets. I love this in Paradise Green for that extra burst of minty freshness, but it comes in eight other solid colorways (and two striped patterns) as well.

Shop now: Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover, $107

7. Parachute Linen Duvet Cover, $250

For minimalists, give Parachute's linen sheets a try! These are crafted in Portugal and made from 100 percent European flax, excellent for giving you a really lived-in bedding experience. It's airy but insulating, meaning that you'll get breathability in the summer but coziness come wintertime.

Shop now: Parachute Linen Duvet Cover, $250

8. INK+IVY Ellipse 3-Piece Reversible Duvet Cover Set, $90

Mmm, love me some reversible bedding. This duvet set features a geometric pattern on one side and a calming blue on the other, which is the best possible move for the laundry-adverse. When you feel like one side is overused, you can just flip the comforter to the opposite side, and it's like brand new clean sheets!

Shop now: O&O by Olivia & Oliver Velvet Duvet Cover Set, $90

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