Quiz: Which ’90s Icon Should You Be for Halloween, Based on Your Athleisure Style?

Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good
October is here, which means three things: Pumpkin spice everything is…everywhere (including your activewear), spooky decorations are going up, and the race for the perfect Halloween costume is on.

Well, when it comes to adult dress up, the same pesky conundrum seems to reemerge year after year: How do you avoid buying things you'll never wear again while also not being the grinch of the Halloween season?

You're in luck, thrifty costume customers, since the answer is as practical as it is cute. Simply repurpose all of the '90s-revival athleisure, logo-bedecked leggings and bodysuits you've probably been stockpiling these last few months, and channel one of your childhood (but also, #realtalk, adulthood) style icons.

Take the quiz below to see which lady of '90s athleisure royalty you should be for Halloween.

The '90s resurgence spans well beyond Halloween. Here's how to give your bedroom a Lisa Frank makeover with bedsheets and pajamas.

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