8 Healthier Pumpkin Spice Foods to Satisfy Your Fall Cravings

Photo: Unsplash/Corey Blaz

Before August even ends, PSL season shamelessly rushes in, and pumpkin spice is miraculously EVERYWHERE, not excluding leggings, lipsticks, or dog food. But there are healthier ways to get your typically sugar-filled pumpkin-spice fix.

With so many people going bananas for pumpkin, the onslaught of PSL-inspired products hits hard and fast. Thankfully, these eight healthier-for-you choices are still available, so you can get a nutritious taste of the season during peak autumn. Act fast, though—it is already October, folks.

Check out 8 healthier pumpkin spice products below.

If you're jonesing for the classic PSL, here's how to hack your Starbucks order to make it healthier and how to DIY the drink at home.

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