Healthy Foods to Stock During Hurricane Florence That Don’t Require Cooking—or Refrigerating

Photo: Getty Images/Maskot
Anytime hurricane coverage begins taking over The Weather Channel, you can count on the grocery store to be complete mayhem (same goes for the wine store, TBH). But if you go in without knowing what to grab, you might end up with a cart full of processed, chemical-laden goods. Though non-perishable, those items are liable to leave with a stomach ache when you were really jonesing for some simple nourishment.

So what do you buy? First things first: Bottled water—and lots of it. You want to make sure that you have plenty of H2O on hand in case your water somehow gets cut off. Then, hit the produce section for the fruits and veggies that can handle not being in the fridge for a few days (just in case you lose power). That gives you a good base, but hey, you still need protein, even if you're cooped up inside.

Cue up Amazon Prime because rounded up here are healthy staples that are packed with nutrients and will fill you up. The best part: Nothing requires any heating or refrigeration so you'll be well-fed even if you don't have electricity. Scroll down for the goods.

Keep reading for healthy staples to stock up on during a hurricane.

A good book and a do-anywhere workout will also come in handy.

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