Here’s How to Make a Healthy Smoothie You’ll Actually *Want* to Drink

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Let's be real for a sec: Though it's great for your well-being to fill your blender with veggies, nut milk, and adaptogens galore, the nutrient-packed smoothies you pour into your glass don't always taste the best. Sure, you might just assume that's just how it's gotta be in order to squeeze in everything you need to nourish your body, but one registered dietitian is here to shake up that mind-set and rock your wellness-beverage world.

In a recent Instagram post, Rachael DeVaux, RD, the blogger behind Rachael's Good Eats, delighted followers with the news that there's absolutely no need to compromise flavor for nutrients. "I went through a stage a while back when I tried to overpack my smoothies with all the health foods and veggies, and let's just say it was never enjoyable trying to drink them," she writes. "Smoothies can be so much simpler than you think and still be super nutritious and taste delicious."

"Smoothies can be so much simpler than you think and still be super nutritious and taste delicious." —Rachael DeVaux, RD

Now that she's making sure flavor is just as much of a priority as getting in all those vitamins and nutrients, DeVaux sticks to a standard formula when creating her daily smoothies: a few handfuls of spinach that you can "never taste"; either ground flax, hemp seeds, or chia seeds for healthy fats; some fruit for sweetness (she loves bananas or frozen blueberries); lots of fiber and protein from your plants of choice; and one serving of plant protein in whatever form you prefer.

By following her foolproof formula, you'll soon have a mix to get everything you need without making you scrunch up your face in disgust when you take your first sip.

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