9 Healthy Snack Ideas (That Aren’t Carrot Sticks)


In the past, "healthy snacks" often conjured the image of a sad woman crunching on carrot sticks at her desk, hoping she'd be fortified enough to get her through her post-work spin class (or just life).

Fortunately, as the world of healthy eating—and healthy Instagramming—has blossomed, so has our collective understanding that it doesn't have to be that way. There are ample satisfying snack options out there—that go way beyond crudites.

We asked a few healthy superstars, from Jordan Younger to Emily von Euw, to spill their favorite snack recipes. Packed with protein, nutrients, and yumminess, they're the delish antidote to trying find joy in bag of baby carrots. —Molly Gallagher

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balanced-blonde-vegan-snacksBREAKFAST FOODS MAKE GREAT SNACK FOODS

The Balanced Blonde

Jordan Younger (formerly The Blonde Vegan) has a few faves that will blow your mind—and are inspired by breakfast foods. Filling, energy-boosting banana chocolate chip muffins, which taste like something your nutritionist wouldn't approve of, but actually don't have any flour, sugar, or butter. "I love these because they are packed with fiber and protein," says Younger.

Another favorite snack is creamy maca buckwheat porridge—which, yes, she likes for breakfast, but also enjoys as an afternoon snack or pre-workout nosh. Younger's in on the healthy meal-in-a-mason-jar trend, too. Her recipe for "autumn in a jar" is filled with oats, fruit, granola, coconut yogurt...and then topped off with more oats.

For the full recipes, visit www.theblondevegan.com

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vegan-richa-vegan-snacksTHINK SAVORY

Vegan Richa

Seattle-based blogger Richa Hingle was born in India, which serves as her culinary inspiration. So while her snacks may be vegan and gluten-free, they also have great flavors.

Take her savory quinoa chivda—made with puffed rice and quinoa and flavored with red chili powder and turmeric. (Bonus: it can be jarred and stored for months.) She also makes for salty, crunchy chana masala spiced nuts, which, she admits, can be addictive.

Hingle's favorite snacks tend to be substantial—think mini-meal not nibbles. Her chickpea-flour pancakes are full of protein and fiber, not to mention spices and Sriracha, while her roasted red pepper hummus sandwich is brimming with roasted veggies. Maybe share it with your workout buddy?

For the full recipes, visit www.veganricha.com

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this-rawsome-vegan-life-vegan-snacksTHINK SWEET

This Rawsome Vegan Life

The gorgeous photography on Emily von Euw's blog would make anything (or anyone) look good. But she has a forte for things that appeal to your sweet tooth.

Her go-to snacks include walnut bliss balls with chia, coconut, and carob, which are "decadent, wholesome, chocolatey, and quick to make," von Euw says. Another sweet pick? Fruit kebabs drizzled with chocolatewhich you can make on your own with cacao, coconut oil, and some liquid sweetener—or using any one of the variations von Euw spells out on her site.

For the full recipes, visit www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com

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