4 Ways to Supercharge Your Coffee for an Instant Morning Boost

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Almond milk, agave…ashwagandha? Yep, more and more these days, healthy gals are bypassing the sugar bowl and spooning supplements into their morning cups of joe instead. Some swear that the health boost they add to their caffeine fix really is the best part of waking up. 

"Medicinal mushrooms, cannabis-infused powders, collagen, and adaptogens all have their unique properties,” says Jessica Kelley, RD, recipe wiz and founder of the wellness site Nourished by Nutrition. For example, "[fungi] like cordyceps naturally give a more balanced cellular boost—so when combined with coffee, it doubles the energizing effects," she says.

"It’s important to know why you’re choosing the add-in—not doing it just because it’s trendy."

But a buzz isn't all these add-ins have to offer. Wellness influencer Winnie Liong stirs ghee and collagen into her daily brew as part of her skincare routine. "It gives a boost of protein, but it doesn't change the taste or texture,” she says. The difference Liong has noticed? Longer, stronger hair and nails. "Even my hairstylist made a comment on how much my hair has grown in just a few months!"

Just as likely, according to Angela Stanford, RDN, is that Liong's taking her supplements more consistently by combining them with her coffee, thus reinforcing a new routine by combining it with an old one.  “A lot of people, when they take supplements, have a hard time doing [it] regularly. So they don’t know if they’re getting good results or not," she explains. The brew-boost combo, however, "is a habit—every morning, they can pair these things together.”

But before you reach for the CBD oil, Kelley has this advice: "It's important to know why you're choosing the add-in—not doing it just because it's trendy." she says. Whatever booster you go with, she stresses that you should always purchase it from a reputable source and check with your doctor, pharmacist, or herbalist before using any supplement (especially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications). 

Being supercharged and super-conscientious? Sounds like a winning combo.

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