8 Healthy Unicorn Food Recipes That Taste As Good As They Look

Photo: The Indigo Kitchen

Something undeniably magical is happening in the wellness world right now: Unicorn food has taken over, and not only is it beautiful—a rainbow of pastel pink, baby blue, and amethyst purple—but the ingredient lists are superfood-packed as well.

That golden streak on Adeline Waugh (AKA Vibrant & Pure)'s unicorn toast? The not-so secret ingredient is healing turmeric. The base for those lattes? Blue algae—which is loaded with protein, iron, potassium, and zinc.

Best of all, you don't have to live in Brooklyn to eat like a mythical creature.

Here are 8 beautiful, bursting-with-benefits unicorn food recipes you can make at home—no toxic dyes required.

Photo: Vibrant and Pure

1. Unicorn Toast

Smeared with good-for-you ingredients like beet juice, turmeric, and chlorophyll, this is the toast that helped kick off the entire trend. Those rainbow bagels have nothing on this nourishing breakfast choice.

The End Brooklyn unicorn latte
Photo: Instagram/@theendbrooklyn

2. Unicorn Latte

Hey, even unicorns like latte breaks—they just prefer that theirs be spiked with blue algae instead of espresso. Make your own The End-approved wellness beverage with nut milk, a dash of ginger, and energy-boosting maca.

unicorn protein balls
Photo: Instagram/@sweatwithbec

3. Unicorn Energy Balls

Snacking on these out-of-this-world protein balls en route to Pilates will definitely put you in a good mood. After all, they're made with edible glitter.

Photo: The Indigo Kitchen

4. Unicorn Noodles

Believe it or not, these pretty noodles just take three ingredients and a couple minutes to make. And they truly are magical, changing color from blue to pink right in front of your eyes.

Photo: The Indigo Kitchen

5. Unicorn Sushi

Taste the rainbow in your favorite roll the next time a sushi craving hits. This recipe includes sweet potatoes, peppers, and cucumber—but if you need an extra dose of protein, swap in some salmon and creamy avocado.

Photo: Instagram/ @dailyfoodfeed

6. Unicorn Starbucks Matcha Drink

Need to take your obsession with mythical eating—and drinking—on the go? This secret Starbucks order will have you drinking magical unicorn matcha in no time.

Photo: My Berry Forest

7. Unicorn Hot Chocolate

This pastel take on a hygge-favorite is a nourishing drink when for when you just want to curl up with something warm. This hot chocolate is 100 percent vegan, using coconut milk as a base and superfood powders (think spirulina and beetroot) as a coloring.

Photo: Instagram/ @feastingonfruit

8. Unicorn Nice Cream

When it comes to ending your day mythical creature-style, you knew a vibrant topping would be involved, right? This one features dreamy pitaya flower sprinkles atop a bowl of nice cream.

If you're loving the magical food trend, try mermaid toast. And then Instagram it—according to science, that will make it taste even better.

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