8 Gifts for Your Partner That You’ll Love, Too (Since You’re Never Alone Anymore Anyway)

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Congratulations to all the couples who have nearly made it through this rough year together. But do know that you're not yet out of the woods of 2020 because there are still the holidays to contend with. One way to help your case in this respect is to make sure your holiday gift doesn't send the message that you learned nothing about them during this time. Because, well, there's no excuse for that when you've spent so much time locked down together. That's precisely why this year, the best holiday gifts for couples call in a person's quarantine personality, or the hobbies or interests they've leaned into to find some spark of joy during this rough year.

With that in mind, holiday gifts for couples this year can also benefit all parties in the couple. Maybe you share quarantine hobbies, like baking up a storm, or lifting weights, or...you know, touching each other a lot. So, why not get something you can both enjoy? Below, we rounded up ideal holiday gifts for couples who want to keep bonding through 2021 and beyond, based on specific quarantine hobbies.

1. Working Out

If your partner loves boutique fitness classes, you can still give a gift that caters to that interest—even if its done at home. Since the state of gyms are looking grim for a while, get home equipment with the FloBody Gym Bundle. It includes removable weights, resistance bands, handles, foot and hand straps, and a mat on which you can do it all. It'll find a perfect home in that little nook where you do your workouts.

Shop Now: FloBody Gym Bundle, $119

2. Baking everything on Pinterest

Has your quarantine looked like an endless feast of banana bread and sourdough loaves? This linen set by Caraway comes in three colorways and subtly signals, "yes, keep that carb train running, babe." It's also a great gift for those who got really into cooking. But, for those who are more into sautéing than kneading dough, let me recommend Caraway's Sauté Pan  ($135), which I own in Perracotta and love to death for roasting zucchini and yellow squash.

Shop Now: Caraway Linens Set, $135

3. Putting together puzzles

My brother and his girlfriend got so enamored with puzzles in quarantine that he got her a gold puzzle piece necklace for her birthday. They're hardly the only ones into puzzles, either: Sales skyrocketed during lockdown, with some retailers seeing over a 300 percent increase in purchases. As far as holiday gifts for couples go, Dowdle offers a slew of gorgeous options based on different cities. Pick a location that's significant to you two, and get your jigsaw on.

Shop Now: Brooklyn Bridge Wooden Puzzle, $60

4. Having tons of sex

For couples who have been spending all their time at home, sexperimentation might have been the name of the game. If that involves introducing a sex toy into your relationship (or you want to use something specifically couple friendly), the We-Vibe can serve vulva-owners well. It can be remotely controlled, too, in case you want to slowly build up arousal throughout the day.

Shop Now: We-Vibe Chorus, $199

5. Hiking

If you're one of those outdoorsy couples...well, I don't know what your life is like, because I haven't really left the couch since April. But anyway, Nomadik's subscription service is awesome for those who have found refuge in rock climbing or other nature-scaling activities. You can get a one-time purchase, a six-month delivery, or a yearlong subscription. This way, you'll be both stocked on supplies for your next adventure.

Shop Now: Nomadik subscription box, $32 for one month, $31 a month for six months, and $30 a month for 12 months

6. Reading astrological charts

If you have a starry-eyed lover who asked you your birth time 30 seconds into your first date, you can't go wrong with the Birthdate Book by Birthdate Co. It provides a deep-dive look into the details of someone's natal chart, so feel free to swipe it when they're not looking to learn all about your cosmically inclined lover (Hint: spend some extra time learning about their Venus sign).

Shop Now: Birthdate Book, $75

7. Doomscrolling

The news has been an endless chaos parade this year, so no judgment if your S.O. has been glued to their phone, and is now a stressed-out shell of their former self. If that's the case, wrap them up in this anxiety-quelling weighted blanket, which is both toasty-warm and machine-washable. You'll be able to get in there, too, when you go down a Facebook vortex of your own.

Shop Now: Luxome Adult Weighted Blanket with Integrated Plush Minky Cover, $115

8. FaceTiming

Were you doing the whole long-distance thing when lockdown started? Rough, my friend. If planes, trains, and a pandemic that makes travel legitimately near impossible is getting in the way of intimacy, buy some Bond Touch Bracelets. It's a super-charming way to stay connected. When you tap on the bracelet, it'll send a mutual vibration to your sweetie. Make up your own coded language, and you'll feel closer than ever, even when seriously socially distanced.

Shop Now: Bond Touch Bracelets, $98

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