Use These Tips to Never Buy a Bathing Suit That Doesn’t Fit Your Boobs Again

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A flattering swimsuit starts with a great fit, especially in the bust. Fortunately, keeping a few key design elements in mind while shopping for yours will help you find one that flatters your girls, whether you’re an AA or D+ cup size.

While deciding whether to go for a bold print (gingham? polka dots?) or a single-hued suit are decisions worth considering, women with bigger boobs should also factor in coverage, shape, and function, contends Helene Morris, designer and co-founder of the inclusive swimwear and lingerie brand Lonely. “Styles that offer the option of adjustability through the band, which is where most of the support for a fuller bust should come from, are great so that you can ensure the right support for your size.”

"Styles that offer the option of adjustability through the band are great so that you can ensure the right support for your size."

She recommends first picking a suit that meets your coverage needs, then let the band under your boobs in or out until it fits your ribcage comfortably without gaping at the sides or cutting into your skin. These tips are more geared toward two-piece suits, specifically, but if you'd rather join team minimalist maillot this summer, here's Morris' advice: “A one-piece with flattering paneling through the body, as well as extra lift through the underbust seam, provides a good and supportive fit.”  (No matter your style of choice, Morris suggests exploring swimsuits with underwires in your search.)

Conversely, ladies whose bra cups don't quite runneth over should pay closer attention to silhouettes. For example, Morris says, "A triangle bikini that fits well can be a great style for smaller busts as they don’t have excess fabric or coverage. A halter neckline can also be a really flattering shape." Suits with a low V-neckline will help to enhance a smaller bust, she adds.

Vanity sizing continues to be the bane of bathing suit shopping (and all shopping) for most women. But many brands now offer swimwear that translates to traditional bra sizes; however, Morris encourages women to try styles on whenever possible as your regular bra size may not convert exactly due to how stretchy swim fabrics tend to be. Plus, she says, “Not all customers require the same full support from their swimwear as they do from their lingerie [as] swim is worn for shorter periods."

Her best advice, no matter your bust size, is to buy a style that makes you feel confident. Because nothing is more flattering than feeling yourself.

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