How To Cool Down a Room, With the Help of 9 Chill-Inducing Gadgets

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As I write this very piece investigating how to cool down a room, I'm in the midst of one of those infamously terrible, late-summer New York City heat waves—in an apartment without air-conditioning, no less. It's difficult for me to articulate in words just how unbearable this feels in effect, and though the word "sweltering" comes to mind, even that feels to me to be downplaying the thick, swampy, heavy, damp sensation of existing in such a place. Especially in the midst of a pandemic when there's nowhere else to go to feel the sweet salvation of a chill.

Maybe I sound extra right now, waxing poetic about feeling a stray gust of wind, but maybe I just really need to learn how to cool down a room. After all, if I can't be comfortable and happy in the place where I spend truly all of my waking and sleeping hours, something needs to change.

As it turns out, the answer to common hot-house woes can be solved (or at least mildly relieved) by the right kind of cooling product, and bonus points if you can create an in-home ecosystem blend of cooling tech. Maybe you have a window-unit air-conditioner or even central air (you lucky soul, you) that simply doesn't perform to your frigid liking. Well, what if you could optimize the whole system by being able to turn it on and adjust the exact temperature without even getting up or even being in the same room as the device? And maybe the temperature itself of your room is okay, but you're a hot sleeper. In that case, maybe you could use a cool pillow to lay your head on and a cooling blanket to snuggle with?

Obviously, there's more than one way to create a Winter Wonderland in August—or any month of your choosing, for that matter. So, scroll down to learn how to cool down a room, with the help of nine various products.

Not sure how to cool down a room? Below, check out 9 different products that'll chill out your space.

1. Black+Decker Portable AC Unit

Shop Now: Black+Decker Portable AC Unit, $330

You can get yourself a window unit, of course, and maybe you already have one that's set up and blowing air in part of your room—but is it doing all that you want it to in every corner of the room? For a powerful option that can be relocated as needed, a portable air-conditioning unit, like this Black+Decker selection, is the way to go. It's a little boxy, but you'll still be able to make moves with it.

2. LaoTzi Air Cooler Fan

Shop Now: LaoTzi Air Cooler Fan, $76

If a portable air-conditioning unit is too bulky for your space, consider this rechargeable air-powered unit, which isn't just portable, but is also pretty much grab-and-go. It's not electricity-powered, which means you can use it to cool down a room and also bring it with you on hot-weather outdoor adventures, like a camping trip or a beach day. To get it going, all you need is some water and even ice cubes (which means it basically works as a chilly humidifier).

3. Vornado Mini Fan

Shop Now: Vornado Mini Fan, $40

Let's simplify things a step further with a classic desk fan. I really like this one for its design, and it's beautiful muted sea-glass color. Very straightforward, this is good to have with you if you need an extra winter-fresh burst while working at your desk, or while feeling the heat while cooking in the kitchen, or really anywhere that has a surface where you can post it.

4. Sensibo Air + Room Sensor

Shop now: Sensibo Air + Room Sensor, $179

So let's say you have an air-conditioning unit, and you love your air-conditioning unit, but you are either constantly fighting with yourself about having forgotten to turn it off when you're not there or constantly wondering whether you did in fact turn it off because you can't remember. For those who experience this plight or any others like it, Sensibo may be for you. It's a unique gadget that connects to existing AC units and notices if you're in the room or not. That means you'll never leave it running while running errands or working three rooms away. A decidedly wise investment if you're looking to save on your energy bills long-term.

5. Helix Weighted Blanket

Shop now: Helix Weighted Blanket, $99

Okay, so the idea of a snuggling with a blanket in the dead of summer or any other time your room needs to be cooled down may seem a bit counterproductive in spirit. But if you're someone who can't sleep without the covers (I understand), then this Helix cooling throw is a smart buy for you. Because it's weighted, too, you'll hopefully be able to get your cool-temperature snuggle on and simultaneously lower your stress levels.

6. Luxury Cooling Pillow

Shop now: Luxury Cooling Pillow, $129

There's no shortage of cooling pillows on the market, and different options certainly range in price. So while you can absolutely achieve a cooling-pillow experience for less than the cost of this pillow, I'm recommending this specific chill-to-the-touch cushion based on my personal experience. It's one of two pillows I own, and I really love it. Since I've had it on my bed, I've never had to worry about that whole "cool side of the pillow" situation, making it a worthwhile bedding investment.

7. ChiliPad Sleep System

Shop now: ChiliPad Sleep System, $499

Last year I tried the Chilipad Sleep System for myself, and I have pretty strong feelings about it. It's a hydro-powered mattress cover that does hard work to lower your body temperature and make you feel like you're sleeping in a cool room (no matter if you're sleeping in a veritable dry sauna) for the best sleep ever. So if you find you're clocking more time in bed than you are used to (because, well, there simply aren't so many places to go during a pandemic), then the Chilipad may be a great option for you to feel like you're cooling down your room, even if you're really only actually cooling down yourself.

8. Dyson Air Multiplier 40-Inch Bladeless Tower Fan

Shop now: Dyson Air Multiplier 40-Inch Bladeless Tower Fan, $300

Sleek as hell and certainly not your grandma's box fan, the sophisticated Dyson Air Multiplier not provides a strong air flow, but it poises itself to help purify the room of pollen, allergens, bacteria, you name it. You can also have it running on a timer—not that you'll hear it even if you leave it on constantly, given that it's quite quiet.

9. Google Nest Thermostat E in White

Shop now: Google Nest Thermostat E in White, $169

Does your thermostat always seem to be on the fritz, forcing you to essentially scream at an unmoving number affixed to the wall? The Google Nest saves you from that embarrassment. It's a high-tech option that you can control from your laptop, tablet, or even your phone. You can even use voice command if you really want to get fancy. It allows you to control the individual cooling settings of each room, so everyone in your home stays cool and happy.

Whether it's getting a new AC option, controlling the unit you already have in a more optimized way, or making sure your bed is a temperature-controlled safe space, there's definitely a tool you can use that can help knock down a few degrees in your room. So basically, get ready to downgrade that "sweltering" feel to decidedly "chill."

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