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The world looked a little different when Well+Good launched nine years ago. Boutique fitness had yet to take off, the ketogenic diet wasn't trendy, and you definitely wouldn't have thought to order an oat milk latte at your local coffee shop. But things keep changing for the better.

Once a scrappy blog, Well+Good has grown into a full-fledged media company named one of the most innovative by Fast Company. While will always be the hub for everything under the wellness umbrella, from fitness advice to nutrition tips to mental health info, it's not the only way to connect with us. These are all the ways to keep up with Well+Good:


Check us out on Flipboard, where articles on personal wellness journeys, life-changing wellness hacks, and beauty trends go viral.

The Well+Good Cookbook 

Well+Good's very first cookbook is available now for pre-order. Inside this gorgeous hardcover (if we do say so ourselves) are recipes from the top people in the industry, including our co-founders, celebrities like Lea Michele and Venus Williams, and top experts such as Drew Ramsey, MD.


You may already be following us on Instagram, but did you know we have a handle devoted to all things healthy food (@wellandgoodeats) and one just for travel (@wellandgoodtravels). If you're looking for good food and good destinations, the search is over.

Well+Good Daily Newsletter

You've subscribed already, right? With the Well+Good newsletter, you'll get a curated list of the latest and greatest articles straight to your inbox each day.

Apple News

Add Well+Good to your Apple News feed for a daily dose of tips and news. (You don't want to be the last to know about the latest toast craze, do you?)


Yep, we're on Twitter, too. If looking for an easy way way to keep up with our wellness musings as well as articles on the site, this is the best place to catch 'em all. And yes, we read all your tweets to us, too!


On Facebook, we have a special private group for natural beauty lovers. Beauty Geek is the place to connect with like-minded peeps (and our editors) and get the As to all your beauty Qs. And Well+Good's beauty editors are frequent commenters, too!


We are all over YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to watch episodes from our growing number of shows, including You vs. Food (which offers real talk about popular food trends), Self-Care Nation (highlighting various new ways to relieve stress and anxiety), The Avocado Show (where we talk wellness with celebrities while eating their go-to avocado dish), and What the Wellness? (which demystifies popular practices).


On our Pinterest page, you'll find plenty of beauty DIYs, healthy recipes, decorating tips, fitness tips, and more.


Yep, we're here too. We post wellness factoids and articles that will actually give you something interesting to talk about with your colleagues.

Wondering what the Well+Good office look like? Take a sneak peek. And here's how to find out more about everyone on staff.

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