The One Crystal You Should Own, According to Your Horoscope

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When you're searching for a crystal that resonates with you, the stars are one of the best places to look for guidance. (And no, I don't mean Bella HadidMiranda Kerr, or any of the other celebs getting woo-woo.)

"I [look] at each sign's good and bad personality traits to see what stones would complement them and support them," says Maria McCabe, a serious stone collector and owner of the online shop Grateful Gemhead. She specializes in pairing people with crystals according to their cosmic ruler. "Every crystal has different properties and different ways that it can heal." Basically, they're like birthstones, but way more energetically charged and awesome.

It's a practice she started after a client asked her to create a crystal collection based on her horoscope. Word spread, and McCabe, who lives in Long Island, New York, now devotes an entire section of her shop to astrological groupings. Needless to say, they've become very popular. ("I'm forever restocking my zodiac bundles," she admits.)

So which mineral packs the most metaphysical power for you? Scroll down to see the crystal McCabe says compliments each sign.

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Bloodstone: Aries are born leaders, and they always have something going on, whether it's a new idea or a big project. "Bloodstone is that perfect balance to calm your mind, revitalize it, give it a break. It's also a protective stone," McCabe says. "Usually it's a very small stone, so stick it in your pocket; you're good to go."


Rose quartz: Taureans are very strong-minded, and rose quartz—the stone of unconditional love for both themselves and their friends and family—can be the yin to their yang. "They can be stubborn at times, [but they're] also very responsible people [who aren't] afraid to get their hands dirty," says McCabe. "Rose quartz provides a nice balance to that tough exterior."


Tiger eye: Geminis are able to see both sides of an issue—the good and the bad. "Tiger eye is a very grounding stone," McCabe says. "It's good for facilitating manifestation and working through any mental conflict [they] might be having."


Moss agate: Cancers are very strong yet adaptable—they go with the flow as they move about life. "Those water signs need a little stabilization sometimes," McCabe notes, which is why they should reach for moss agate for a little bit of calm. "That's a very good stone for balancing emotions, enhancing communication, and helping reduce stress."


Orange calcite: Leos are very courageous, which makes the energizing power of orange calcite a good match. "It instills that little extra confidence," says McCabe. "It allows them to be open, speak from the heart, and speak their truth."


Carnelian: Virgos are thinkers and problem solvers, which is where the brilliant orange carnelian comes in. "It's super high vibrational, energizing, [and] protective. It stimulates the mind and supports creativity," McCabe says. "I think it's really good to complement the Virgo and that person who's always using their mind and thinking and figuring things out."


Sunstone: Libras are good listeners, and they strive for balance. "Sunstone's a nice stone for them, since it's the stone of joy and light," McCabe says. "Libra's often in the middle of it, wants everybody to be happy, [and] always wants to compromise—that can be exhausting, so [it's a] perfect balance for that."


Sodalite: Scorpios are complicated types—very loyal, independent, and passionate—and sodalite is a calming influence that also aids communication. "It balances [their] emotions, calms the mind, and clears the mind. It encourages rational thought if [they're] feeling a little angsty or like there's too much going on," explains McCabe.


Topaz: Sagittarians are down for an adventure whenever, and their optimism and positivity makes this invigorating stone a good match. "Topaz helps to open [them] up to new adventures and good fortune," says McCabe. "It's a good stone for helping [them] to accomplish goals, and it promotes forgiveness and stimulates [their] imagination."


Fluorite: Capricorns are on-the-go, determined types, and they don't like to accept help—they'd rather figure it out on their own. McCabe believes fluorite is a must-have for this sign to get rid of any negativity and promote clear, rational thought. "Fluorite is the stone of the mind," she says. "Their minds are always going, moving a million miles a minute. Fluorite helps to cut through that noise and get to the root of the situation."


Garnet: Aquarians are very independent, loyal, and strong-willed people, so McCabe suggests a stone that was once used by ancient cultures as a protective talisman. "Garnet is very energizing. It stimulates creative energy," she says. "It opens up the heart."


Amethyst: Pisces value relationships, and they love being surrounded by friends and family. "But they're very sensitive to different energies—and their friends' feelings—so amethyst is a good protection stone," says Maria, "It's good at channeling out negative energy and encouraging positivity."

Originally posted July 5, 2017, updated July 3, 2018. 

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