Headphones Need Some TLC? Here’s How To Replace the Pads So You Don’t Need To Buy a New Pair

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From music to podcasts, audiobooks, and even phone calls - many of us rely heavily on our headphones throughout the day. All that use means that wear and tear is inevitable, with generally the ear pads being the first to go.

Whether it’s from workout sweat or overuse, it is not uncommon to get to the point where your headphone pads need replaced, which is a much cheaper option than buying a new pair in most cases.

How to replace your headphone pads

Popular TikTok user, StudyMoofin recently shared a viral video in which she replaces the earpads of her Beats Studio3 over-ear headphones. In the ASMR clip with nearly 14 million views, she removes the original pads with a butter knife cleans her headphones, then sticks down the new pads.

StudyMoofin purchased her pads from Amazon for under $27 with the replacement process taking just a few minutes. The content creator revealed in the comments section that she had had them for three years before the update. For StudyMoofin, she said her wear and tear came about from frequently sanitizing the pads and not drying them off—leading to cracking and damage.

Commentors seem to share her sentiments about sustainability: “Yeeesss!! Normalize REPAIRING items because we just toss them and buy a new one!!!” wrote one.

And pad replacements aren’t just possible on Beats headphones, either. While the StudyMuffin got her pads from an unknown brand off of Amazon, brands like Bose and Apple sell official replacements on their sites, ranging in price from $24 to $69 depending on the brand and style. Considering the fact that a new pair of from brands like this cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars or more, learning that it’s possible to replace the pads for a fraction of the cost should be music to your ears.

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