4 Ways to Style Your Leggings, Because TBH, Who Wants to Wear Anything Else?

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By a show of hands, who loves the feeling of hanging out in workout leggings on the weekend, whether you’ve worked out or not? Guessing that all the hands are shooting up right about now. Okay, by another show of hands, who rocks those same leggings come Monday at the office? Thinking that hands are hesitantly resting in laps right about now.

I, like many of you probably, have harbored a deeply engrained fear of wearing leggings in scenarios that don’t involve the following: working out, pretending I'm on my way to work out, grocery shopping, or ordering an iced matcha latte with oat milk (yep, I’m that girl)

To be honest, it wasn’t until very recently I started embracing the idea of styling my leggings outside the above mentioned activities—likely because I couldn’t find my favorite pair of skinny jeans one rushed morning—and the last minute improvisation had me hooked. So in honor of May's fickle warm one day, cold the next weather, here are four easy outfits to recreate yourself, the next time you just need a little extra spandex in your stride en route to the office.

how to style leggings
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1. Leggings + a sweater and boots

This outfit started with the boots, which I think is the perfect way to revamp how you look at your leggings. Paired with an oversized oxford shirt underneath a slouchy sweater, the leggings have just the right proportions going on so you don’t feel exposed at all. Très chic!

how to style leggings
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2. Leggings + a sun dress

Whenever I’m feeling a bit anxious for warmer weather, I reach for one of my favorite dresses and pair it with a turtleneck and leggings (depending on how chilly it is). You could throw boots on and fool most people into thinking you have thick tights on—or pair with a low block heel or flats to achieve a ballerina vibe.

how to style leggings
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3. Throw on a blazer

When in doubt, throw on a blazer. Heck, you can even belt it. It never fails to take any outfit from basic to elevated and I love how an oversized version looks with leggings. I usually layer a short slip dress underneath mine to give me a bit more coverage. Styling hack: Don’t be afraid to take the slip out of some of your summer dresses—they make for great layers you can easily mix and match.

how to style leggings
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4. Camel coat

Mix your nice outerwear with leggings—celebrities do it all the time en route to the airport (we’re looking at you Victoria Beckham) and there’s a reason for it: It just works. Whether you’re going for something a bit more formal or more casual (with sneakers), treat your leggings like skinny jeans. Don’t forget to add a few extra layers for outfit depth and coverage.

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