How to Wear It: Bodysuits

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BodysuitsEco-friendly contemporary fashion company Reformation popularized the bodysuit this year with super sexy lace-up styles that look like tops when worn with high-waisted bottoms. But in the ballet and barre worlds, bodysuits, or leotards, have been an activewear staple since forever, making them good for working out and going out

Flik Swan of online barre workout brand Sleek Technique is a big fan of wearing the bodysuit in both capacities.

"The high-functioning materials and catwalk-inspired cuts that today's designers use make bodysuits and leotards so easy, flattering, and practical to wear, however gentle or rigorous your workout may be," says Swan, who's also a professional ballerina.

"Plus you can really see your body shape and alignment in a leotard which may be scary at first. But for a ballet or barre based workout regime, it's so great for getting the most effective workout and maximum benefits for your body," she adds.FotorCreated

For workouts, Swan likes to pair a bodysuit with looser fitting shorts and leg warmers you can take off once you warm up, and for streetwear she likes to wear one under skinny jeans during the day and leather pants with heels in the evening.

"For an even more casual feel I'll put black leggings over the top of whichever leotard I've chosen and add some bright trainers to kick off the look when I'm running between meetings, classes, and chasing after the family," Swan explains.

To get the look, try these pieces from Charli Cohen Black Athena Bodysuit ($305) and Ballet Beautiful Mesh-Trimmed Stretch Leotard on Gigi Hadid ($60), pictured. —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Sleek Technique, Charli Cohen, Ballet Beautiful)


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