Move Over, Collagen—There’s a Buzzy New Skin-Care Supplement in Town

Photo: Stocksy / Leire Cavia
In the world of wellness, certain supplements have some amped-up skills on their resumes—think biotin for healthy hair and turmeric to battle inflammation, for example. In the skin-care world, on the other hand, one in particular has reigned supreme: collagen. The multi-beneficial, celeb-beloved protein supplement is known to promote plumper, smoother skin from the inside out, and it's been buzzing for quite some time now.

Perhaps it's time to move over, though—because another complexion-boosting supplement is gaining some (glow-inducing) momentum, and like collagen, you're accustomed to seeing it in your topical skin-care products. I'm talking about hyaluronic acid.

On a recent Reddit thread, people have been raving about the supplement for its beautifying prowess. You may already know hyaluronic acid (HA) as a serum superhero, because it's a moisture magnet and binds water within the complexion to hydrate and plump it topically—but, according to those in-the-know, it works wonders when ingested as well.

Reddit users rave about taking HA capsules to increase skin elasticity and plumpness and make skin feel even softer. Like collagen, hyaluronic acid is a compound actually found in your skin already. "Hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain water so that it stays hydrated and smooth," says Amanda Doyle, MD, a dermatologist at Russak Dermatology in New York. "Studies show that ingesting it orally leads to the improvement in the appearance of skin by actually softening wrinkles and increasing luster."

She's not alone, New York City-based plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, MD agrees that you could see improvement: “Hyaluronic acid supplements are often used to improve the appearance of skin by keeping it moist and supple in addition to supporting healthy joints and vision," he says. "The use of hyaluronic acid supplements for skin has been rising in popularity because people are drawn to its reputation to create a youthful, radiant appearance without any negative side effects."

So there you have it: Collagen's not the only supplement on the plumper skin block.


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