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The At-Home Rowing Machine That’s Beloved by So Many Celebs Is $500 Off Ahead of the Holidays

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As we head into yet another new year (don't worry—we, too, are still processing that it's been two years since January 2020 happened) there's one thing for certain: Home gyms > gyms. Working out in the comfort of our own space is a way of life we've gotten used to, and at this point, many of us prefer it. Whether you carve out a corner of the bedroom for foldable cardio equipment, establish a sweet set-up for yoga, or even utilize the trails near your neighborhood, there's no wrong way to use your home base to get moving. And with the rise of home gyms (a trend we called back in 2018, BTW), fitness equipment brands are getting more innovative—and more affordable(ish).

Including Hydrow, a rowing machine that uses next-level technology to give you an engaging, immersive workout that activates up to 86 percent of your muscles, including legs, glutes, and abs. The Peloton of rowing machines is currently offering up an impressive early Black Friday deal ($500 off the machines—the Hydrow sale of the year), which is a good excuse in our book to purchase one.

Hydrow — $1,795.00

Originally $2,295, now $1,795


What makes Hydrow best in class when it comes to rowers is its futuristic engineering: Not only do you have a 22-inch touch screen display that places you in rivers across London to Miami with a community of fellow rowers and instructors (and delivers all the stats you need as you go, and seamlessly connects to your devices via Bluetooth), but the equipment's patented drag mechanics are designed to actually feel like you're rowing through a body of water. It's also mega quiet (no squeaking or shrieking of gears), and built for comfort (its seat is divinely cushioned—your butt will thank you). It's really no wonder celebs like Justin Timberlake and Lizzo swear by Hydrow for an amazing workout.

Live in tight headquarters? The sleek and interior-decor friendly Hydrow is foldable and comes with wheels, so you can easily store it against a wall or in a closet, or transport it from room to room—whatever is most convenient for you.

Above all: The Hydrow is easily one of the best pieces of equipment if you're looking for something that'll give you a full-body, low-impact workout, and it's a personal favorite here at Well+Good. Whether you're using a rower for a complete cardio and/or strength-training workout or as a part of your recovery routine, we can't emphasize enough how versatile and effective it is—even if you clock in 10-15 minutes a day.

The sale goes from today to to November 29.

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