One Drop of This $30 Serum Smooths My Fine Lines and Plumps My Skin Like No Other

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Let me be frank. I’m 30 years old (soon to turn 31) and I’ve been happily embracing Botox since I was 26. What started with preventative injections that I only agreed to for the purpose of a story evolved into a desire for a forever-smooth forehead after just one treatment. Neurotoxins like Botox work by freezing the muscles under the skin so that they can't create wrinkles, but how long the results last can vary. While one appointment used to give me six months free of fine lines between my brows, I'm now seeing revived muscle movement (and the visible wrinkles that come with it) after just two or three months.

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The way I saw it, I had three choices: I could make more frequent Botox appointments, I could give up on neurotoxins entirely, or I could supplement the injections with a product that would keep my skin smooth for as long as possible. I went with the third option, and decided to finally try Indeed Laboratories Snoxin II Facial Line Fighter Serum ($30), which some reviewers claim to be nothing short of "Botox in a bottle" (er, tube). Regardless, I didn't set my expectations too high. A serum can't make that much of a difference—right?

Well, folks, the Indeed Laboratories Snoxin II Facial Line Fighter Serum may not have frozen my fine lines for months on end, but during wear, it most certainly made my skin look plumper and smoother overall—and all it took was a pea-sized amount to make the magic happen. (This is key, because when I used more than the recommended amount, I found that my cheeks got irritated and inflamed, with teeny whiteheads popping into view.)

Fresh out of the tube, the serum has the appearance and texture of a primer. It’s that milky-clear color with a lightweight gel consistency that quickly dries down into a powdery, semi-matte finish. Once dry, it doesn’t feel the slightest bit tacky and there’s absolutely no residue left behind. So when I layered other products over it—I tried with skin care as well as makeup—it didn’t pill. Instead, the serum stayed put, leaving my pores and fine lines looking filtered IRL.

Intrigued, to say the least, I took a peek at the ingredients label to see why this serum actually lived up to its marketing hype (and why it may have irritated my finicky sensitive skin when I used too much). The reason was clear. The water-based serum is chock full of glycerin, a humectant that draws water into skin cells to create a plumper, more hydrated complexion. And it's got lots of smoothing silicones, like dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane, which are common in makeup primers and generally considered to be safe—though, they have a reputation for potentially clogging pores when used in excess (whoops).

Additionally, it’s infused with palmitoyl tripeptide-38 and hexanoyl dipeptide-3, which reduce the appearance of fine lines and smooth and refine texture, respectively. While these anti-aging ingredients aren’t as high up on the ingredient list (meaning they’re not as concentrated), the fact that the serum is formulated with lecithin helps. As we previously reported with the help of cosmetic chemist and SOS Beauty's director of research and development, Nick Dindio’s insight, “lecithin is a common ingredient used to encapsulate actives and help them penetrate deep into the skin.”

All this to say, the reviewers are right: The Indeed Laboratories Snoxin II Facial Line Fighter Serum really does deliver smoother-looking skin with each and every use. But in case you want to read some of the rave reviews for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

“I purchased this product directly from the website on a recommendation from a friend,” one satisfied shopper wrote. “I have regularly used high-priced serums but Snoxin II has now replaced them. My skin feels so smooth and fine lines have diminished. I use it morning and night.”

“This stuff is excellent,” an Amazon shopper marveled. “It softens lines and is moisturizing. This has been a wonderful find for me.”

“My pores are smaller, my face is smoother, and it's just magical,” an Ulta shopper shares.

Ultimately, the choice is yours: $600-ish for Botox or $30 for Snoxin II?

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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