Can You Actually Do a Date Night at an Infrared Sauna?

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When you envision a date night, you probably imagine something along the lines of dinner and a movie. But, evidently, some on-the-cutting-edge healthy romantics are seeking love by sweating in a sauna.

According to the New York Post, more and more couples are taking advantage of literal hot spots, like New York City's HigherDOSE, for luxe, private infrared saunas. In fact, HigherDOSE has a deal specifically for duos: While it's $65 per person for an hour-long sauna sesh, it's $80 per couple. (Even Bella Hadid is a frequent guest!)


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Here's the real question, though: Does hanging out in a sauna really make a great date night? Well, it depends on how you want your date to go. If you're hoping to grab some drinks afterward, just know you might smell a little, uhh, funky if the spot doesn't offer showers (or if you don't want to disrupt your hot-as-heck vibe with a solo cleansing interlude).

But if being drenched in sweat in good company sounds up your alley, there's probably nothing that will get you closer than spending some quality time in high temps—just ask HigherDOSE's co-founder Lauren Berlingeri.

"The heat allows your walls to kind of drop down,” she told The Post. "You relax, you open up more. It’s intimate: sweating and being naked in there with someone. [It also] increases blood flow and circulation, so you get a lot hornier. We know that people are probably [hooking up] in there."

"The heat allows your walls to kind of drop down. You relax, you open up more. It’s intimate: sweating and being naked in there with someone."

Aside from the experience being intimate, it's also really good for your body and packs in a ton of benefits: Because it raises your core temperature, gives you a nice detox, clears your skin, helps relieve pain, calms your nerves, boosts your mood, and helps you sleep better.

While hanging in an infrared sauna totally makes for a unique date, let's be real: Unless you're cool with sharing a few square feet of sweat-drenched space with a prospective soul mate, consider waiting until your second or third date to turn on the heat.

Here's how Kate Hudson gets her infrared-sauna fix on the go. Not into saunas? Try a salt room instead to reap the benefits.

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