J.Lo and a-Rod’s Cute Push-up Game Will Give You “This Is Us” Feels

Photo: Instagram/@jlo
The couple that works out together stays together, and Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are (very fit and muscle-y) proof. Via an Instagram video from A-Rod, we got a glimpse into the healthy duo's routine. Spoiler alert: It's serious #fitnessgoals.

There were weighted ball sit-ups and twists, some dancing (because J.Lo), and some push-ups to finish. To make that grand finale a little more intense—and a lot more fun—Rodriguez had Lopez lie on his back throughout the reps. Just as effective as piling on weighted plates—but quite a bit sexier, obvs.

Can't figure out why this video is giving you serious feels? It might have reminded you of the adorable moment on This Is Us, when Jack took Randall—his adopted son—to martial-arts class and used the move to prove his commitment to being his dad. Just watch, and try not to shed a tear:

It's clear that that push-ups are more than a great way to get toned arms—they're also the perfect way show someone your love. But before you go hop on someone's back at the gym, you might want to give a quick heads-up first.

Originally published August 24, 2017; updated July 24, 2018.

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