Vinny From “Jersey Shore” Now Offers Nutrition Tips As the “Keto Guido” on Instagram

Photo: Instagram/@ketoguido
Cultural habits have changed a lot since 2009. Back then, most workout warriors were still going to traditional gyms instead of boutique studios, the ketogenic diet was pretty unheard of, and the just-debuted Jersey Shore had just become an immediate reality-television sensation. At the very least, the show made the term GTL—gym, tan, laundry, for Jersey Shore newbs—a very well-known series of priorities (albeit, an ill-advised one for your skin health).

And since what's old is now new and trendy, the show just became the latest to get a reboot—following other updated hits like Queer Eye and Fuller House—with Jersey Shore Family Vacation featuring most of the original cast. And though many years have passed, one surprisingly healthy update is that cast member Vinny Guadagnino has rebranded himself (IRL and on Instagram) as the "Keto Guido."

Vinny is now totally toned and apparently in ketosis—which he talks about a lot. So while new episodes only air weekly, you can keep up with Guadagnino via Instagram, where he shares a slew of tips and recipes compliant with the high-fat, low-carb keto lifestyle.

Below, find 3 new ketogenic recipes you can serve at your next Shore-style family dinner.

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