7 Joshua Tree Airbnbs Located Near a World-Famous Sound Bath

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Joshua Tree, California has been coming up pretty often in my travel research: It seems that whatever you need from your vacation—a desert escape, a cabin prime for unplugging, or a geodesic dome—the answer lies in the West Coast respite, home to the eponymous national park.

In addition to being an ideal destination for a de-stressing digital detox under the stars, Joshua Tree is also where the Integratron sound bath resides. The scientific-looking structure is not only a great place to experience the healing properties of sound, but its also doubles as a history museum of sorts. Not only has it been around since the 1950s, but its architect, George Van Tassel, claimed that he was instructed to create it by visitors from Venus. Woo-woo wowness, much?

Regardless of your stance on otherworldly beings, I bet I've piqued your interest in the destination. If so, here are some of the most serene Airbnbs for a stay in Joshua Tree.

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Photo: Airbnb

1. $109 per night

Wake up to views of the mountains in this design-conscious home. The copper exterior reflects the warm hues of the sun, and it's a short walk from multiple outdoor art installations.

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2. $125 per night

Tatooine, the place where Luke Skywalker grows in up in the Star Wars franchise, was filmed in Tunisia but this "Moon Camp" home feels like its stateside long, lost twin.

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3. $143 per night

This homestead provides views on views (360 degrees of them, to be exact) and has an outdoor shower.

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4. $129 per night

 Consider this home, which, although quaint, was recently renovated with some modern amenities, the glamping option of the desert.

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5. $87 per night

For less than the price of a pair of leggings (per night), you can stay in this beautiful home that heavily features corrugated tin and has an outdoor living room.

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6. $145 per night

Centrally located between a Joshua Tree park entrance and an outdoor museum, you return to this contemporary flat after a rejuvenating sound bath, and make use of the spot's vinyl offerings.

Photo: Airbnb

7. $200 per night

With floor-to-ceiling windows (and views behind 'em), this home lets you make the most of Joshua Tree's natural offerings, even when indoors.

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