Jonathan Van Ness’s First-Ever Haircare Line Is Finally Here—You’ll Want To Try Everything

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Ever since the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reboot took over my Netflix feed in 2018, I have fantasized about Jonathan Van Ness doing my hair. I mean, haven't we all? The show's breakout star has an obvious knack for hair, and watching him transform even the drabbest of haircuts into something fabulous is one thing. But his personality? His aura?! The fangirl in me has dreamed of sitting in Van Ness's chair and letting him work his magic on my mane and my soul.

While I'll have to wait to fulfill my fantasy of having JVN-styled tendrils, I can have the closest next best thing: Van Ness's first-ever haircare collection, which is slated to hit (physical) shelves in Sephora later this fall. If you want to snag a bottle or two (or seven), you can buy them online now. Say it with me—Yaaaas! 

Here are the deets: JVN just launched on and, and will be available in-store starting September 17, 2021. The collection contains 10 products broken down into four mini-collections: There's the Embody Collection (for glamorous volume), the Nurture Collection (for deep, restorative hydration), the Undamage Collection (for repairing tired tresses), and the Complete Collection (which contains treatment and styling that are JVN-approved for all hair types). All priced at $28 or less, it's an affordable way to get A-list locks without the designer price tag.

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As you can imagine, all of the products are formulated using only the best-of-the-best, most innovative ingredients. Van Ness is not a fan of sulfates, which can dry out strands, or any other weird chemicals that leave hair in a lackluster state for some.

Instead, JVN is sulfate-free, silicone-free, and color-safe, and blended using gentler, vegan ingredients, like hemisqualane (an emollient sourced from sugarcane that nourishes the hair from the outside in). The silicone-alternative commonly found in skin care also adds silkiness from root to tip, giving hair that signature Van Ness bounce you know and love. Everything is bottled with sustainability in mind, prioritizing recyclable materials like aluminum and glass and ingredients that won't leave a huge mark on the planet. Oh, and the brand intends to become entirely plastic-free by 2025—talk about goals.

But the real star of the show is JVN's ethos, which champions inclusivity and accessibility. The brand's tagline invites you to "come as you are"—regardless of identity, age, race, hair texture, or style. True to Van Ness's own genuine positivity and authenticity, JVN "sees all beauty, serves all beauty, and honors the uniqueness in each of us." The efficacy and sustainability of the brand are impressive, no doubt, but its this inclusivity-first mindset that is totally gorg.

If you're like me, and wish JVN could become your personal hairstylist, his new haircare line is an exciting (and probably more realistic) alternative.

Shop JVN below

Nurture Hydrating Shampoo — $18.00

The 3-piece hydrating line is infused with natural hydrators, like hemisqualane and aloe juice, to give hair an extra burst of moisture.

Nurture Embody Shampoo — $18.00

Get JVN’s signature volume with the volumizing shampoo and conditioner combo, formulated to add bounce without stripping any oils.

Undamage Shampoo — $18.00

Heal broken, dry, and tired strands with the Undamage line, designed to strengthen strands from root to tip.

Instant Recovery Serum — $28.00

The Complete Collection consists of three products suitable for all hair types: this Recovery Serum, an intense nourishing treatment, an air-dry styling cream, and a pre-wash scalp oil.

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