This Simple Gesture Will Remind Your Friends How Badass They Are

Photo: Stocksy/Aleksandra Jankovic
Every woman in your life could use a little pep talk once in a while. You know how hard your best friends work, how ridiculously jam-packed their schedules are, and how generally exhausted they are—not to mention the impressive amount of BS they put up with on the daily. Because it's easy to forget, sometimes you need to be the one to remind them just how badass they really are—and all it takes is caffeine and some words of encouragement.

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle, who's a total badass in her own right as a New York City-based activist, writer, and lecturer, started a weekly tradition months ago that's helping build up women in her own life and beyond. Every Friday—dubbed #FriendCareFriday—she reminds her followers to "love on a friend" by Venmoing them $5 to $10 for their morning latte with some words that lift them up. "Tell them how proud of them you are...even if it's just for making it through the week," she wrote on Instagram. "Invest into each other. Into each other's mental health, into each other's happiness, into each other knowing that we are loved and cared for and ultimately enough."

It's such a simple act, but it makes all the difference—and you can do it whether you live in the same city or 1,000 miles apart. “I started doing #FriendCareFriday after seeing Rachel Cargle post about it, and it really is such an easy way to show some love to your friends, whether it's one who had a terrible week or one who's celebrating something exciting,” says Molly O’Brien, social video producer at Well+Good. “I honestly think the best part of it is just letting your friends know that you're thinking of them, in a way that might resonate more than, say, a like on their latest 'gram.”

Getting treated to a latte after a long week of chaos is the perfect way to head into the weekend beaming with happiness. Plus, hearing your kind words will undoubtedly give them the confidence they need to get through the day. Because us girls need to stand behind each other, even if that's just through a weekly delicious, frothy beverages.

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