The Top 5 Healthy Home Deals at Kohl’s Black Friday Sales

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If shopping is your sport, then Black Friday is basically your Superbowl. The only thing higher than the stakes are the potential discounts to be found. And if healthy home goods are what you're after, you'll find Kohl's Black Friday sales particularly sweet this holiday season.

Here's the gist: Kohl's Black Friday sales actually start on November 19 and end on November 23. Once the sale kicks off, customers will be able to take 15 percent off the whole store, receive $15 of Kohl's cash for every $50 spent, with additional "doorbuster" deals on specific items. These deals are available both in-store and online.

Keep reading for the top 5 deals you don't want to miss at Kohl's Black Friday sale.


kohls black friday sales
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Instant Pot Duo, $70

Name one person who doesn't love an Instant Pot? This kitchen device is one of very few products universally adored. Chances are you either need one of these or if you're already on top of your kitchen tech game, know several people who could really use one.

kohls black friday sales

Google Home Mini, $25

Right in time for hygge season, during Kohl's doorbuster deals, the Google Home Mini will be available for half its original price. It's the perfect gift for the person in your life (maybe even yourself) who likes to cook, work out, and meditate in the comfort of their home.

kohls black friday sales

Amazon Echo, $70

The Amazon Echo has so many bells and whistles that it's essentially the love child of a live in life coach and personal assistant. An echo can (and will) do everything from being your personal trainer, to testing your air quality, help you sleep—plus, a number of other things you (and I) haven't thought of yet.

kohls black friday sales

NutriBullet 600-Watt, $50

The NutriBullet may have seen its heyday, but it's still one of the easiest blender to use thanks to its single serving cups and streamlined settings. During Kohl's Black Friday sale this specific model will be $30 off.

kohls black friday sales

Food Network Copper Ceramic 10 Piece Cookware Set, $80

Cookware is essential for the home chef but can also be deceptively expensive. This 10 piece set from the Food Network usually retails for $180; however, during this brief period, they'll be literally $100 cheaper. I did the math for you and that comes to $8 per piece of cookware.

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