Latham Thomas Says a “Phone Fast” Could Enhance Your Life—Here’s How

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Even if you don't think your phone drives your life or that social media ruins your relationships, spending all day and night staring at different screens is not a recipe for pristine health. And, to be clear, refraining from checking your phone every two minutes is not the same as deciding to take a break from it altogether. Repeatedly checking mobile devices is a habitual tick of the technology age, which is why Well+Good council member and founder of Mama Glow, Latham Thomas, says she practices "phone fasting."

Glow Quotes- Instead of constantly checking your status, check your pulse. You’re alive and that’s a miracle. You woke up this morning to see a new day. What will you do with it? How will you turn the life that rests before you into more of your dream come true? How will you be present- not on social, not paying attention to the musings of others, but in your real life? Where do you need to pay attention in your own life? _ I go days at a time without logging onto social media because I am really invested in my actual life, not simply my virtual one. I’m invested in my son’s life. I work hands-on with women at their most vulnerable and most powerful moments. And many things that are important to me, that are incredible moments do not end up on my platforms. They end up etched upon my memory. When you allow yourself to become absorbed by social media and the world of technology you loose perspective, you miss beautiful moments, you loose connection to the present moment and you become dependent. Your emotional well-being becomes influenced for better or worse with what pops up on your feed. Social media can be a wildly powerful tool but a cruel master. Observe your current patterns. _ PHONE FASTING is an important practice that I outline in my bestselling book, OWN YOUR GLOW, where you take disciplined action to check out from the virtual world and electronics in general, to tune into your internal landscape. Challenge yourself to log off for one day... if that stresses you out, wean yourself for a few hours to start. Take note in a journal, handwrite about how you feel and notice how you move through your day, what emotions surface? Take time to sit in meditation and savor your precious life. Who’s ready? Let me know how your phone fast goes. ?? #inspiration #wellness #socialmedia #detox #phonefast #iamwellandgood #mindfulness #selfcare #mentalhealth #family #present #wellbeing #lifestyle #health #gratitude #ownyourglow #ownyourglowbook #ownyourglowthebook #meditation #fasting

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In an Instagram post that details the the importance of being present and really enjoying the special moments in life, Thomas outlined her phone-fasting practice, advising her followers to "challenge yourself to log off for one day" or, if that seems completely impossible, to "wean yourself for a few hours to start" and keep a journal to mindfully log emotions throughout the day.

Once you have phone fasting down, consider taking another piece of Thomas' advice and rethink the alarm clock that starts your day.

A digital detox could make you happier, according to science, so here is how to do it without actually ditching your phone.

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