I’ve Tested Hundreds of Sex Toys, and None Have Made Me Orgasm as Quickly or Intensely as This Dual Stimulation Vibrator

Photo: Lelo
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I masturbate for a living. No, really—part of my job as associate commerce editor here at Well+Good is testing the never-ending torrent of sex toys and accessories that "come" available to consumers each month. It's a great perk, and has left me with a pleasure chest full of the latest and greatest in pleasure innovation, all while making me a sex toy sommelier of sorts. After testing hundreds of vibrators, I know what's good versus what's not powerful enough (or just a gimmick). So when something brings me to my knees (hypothetically, of course, since I'm already on my back), quaking in pleasure, you damn well know I'm impressed—and I'm certainly impressed with the Lelo Ida Wave.

lelo ida wave sex toy
Lelo, Ida Wave — $189.00

Materials: Body-safe silicone & ABS plastic

Colors: Available in coral red or black

Use time: Up to 2 hours

Charging: 2 hours for a full charge (via USB)

First impressions of the Lelo Ida Wave

The saucy dual stimulator from sexual wellness leader, Lelo, has positively rocked my hard-to-impress world, giving me my the fastest, most powerful orgasms yet—in two minutes flat. Whatever sorcery is in this thing made me audibly yell, "What the f***?!" after its initial solo sesh—something that maybe 1-2 other sex toys have ever done in my sexual wellness career.

Now, I'm what the kids call a "tough come." During penetrative sex, I notoriously have a difficult time orgasming. Years of solo practice has definitely made it an easier time... but not 2-minutes easier! Normally, it's like 10-15 minutes of ~alone time~ before I finish, which is what makes this toy so impressive. The first time I used it, my orgasm came on so quickly, it caught me off guard. I've since worked up to longer, more relaxing masturbation sessions with the Lelo Ida Wave—but only because I'm trying not to rush things. Not that a faster, easier, more powerful orgasm is a bad thing, by any means.

Key features

Where to begin? Let's start with the shape. Taking notes from the original, less-impressive Lelo Ida ($199), the Ida Wave features a dual-stimulation design with both clitoral and G-spot vibrators. Except it's way better, thanks to its sculpted, ergonomic shape that hugs the contours of the vagina and vulva, triggering your most hard-to-reach erogenous zones and digging deep for pleasure.

It has ten vibration settings and, while the clitoral stimulator feels great pressed against your clit, it's the G-spot stimulator that's the star of the show. Made with the brand's Wavemotion™ technology, this devilish digit mimics the "come hither" motion of a finger. I've tried plenty of G-spot stimulators that have thrusted, spun, vibrated, and moved up and down, but the wiggly, wavy motion of this thing makes it a cut above the rest. It feels natural and just so. freakin'. good. Combined with the steady rumbles coming from the clitoral vibrator, and it's no wonder I lasted 120 seconds, if that.

What's in the box?

In addition to the device itself, the Lelo Ida Wave comes with a satin storage bag, a USB-charging cord, a warranty instruction card, an instruction manual.

Who is the Lelo Ida Wave for?

While anyone with a vagina will no doubt enjoy the double feature that this little toy provides, it's not just for solo sessions. This pleasure-packed toy is designed to be used with a partner, too, thanks to its remote-control Bluetooth technology. Like other Lelo toys, it connects via an app that literally puts your pleasure in your partner's hands, where they can control its 10 different settings, slowing things down to a subtle buzz before knocking your socks off with its highest, most satisfying speed. Yes, please.

Am I the most savvy, sex toy connoisseur you'll ever meet? Absolutely not. However, I do know a thing or two about sex toys given I get paid to review them professionally, and, in my humble opinion, the Lelo Ida Wave is the cream of the crop. Few things have ever made me come as quickly or as powerfully, and that's a feat in and of itself. The price tag is hefty, but trust me when I say I'd pay double, nay, triple for such an exquisite toy that'll last you years to come... pun very much intended.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Lelo Ida Wave waterproof?

Yes, the Ida Wave is 100 percent waterproof—go ahead and use it in the shower or bath!

What is similar to Lelo?

We've tried a slew of sex toy brands here at W+G, and Lelo is definitely one of the best on the market. Still, there are plenty of other options out there that aim to tackle blended orgasms (as with the Ida Wave). Check out our roundup of the best rabbit vibrators, which includes picks from We-Vibe, Lioness, and Le Wand. Or, if you prefer grinding vibrators or gadgets made specifically for clitoral stimulation, we have options there too.

Are Lelo toys worth the money?

At $189, the Ida Wave isn't necessarily cheap. But that's because they're made with high-quality materials and are designed to last, O after O. Plus, based on our review (and the countless testimonials of other Lelo-users), the Ida Wave is worth the investment. Not ready to take the plunge? Scope out these lower-priced sex toys.

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