Does Lena Dunham Sleep? She’s Now Designing Sneakers

Photo: Lenny Letter
Lena Dunham is a busy woman. Between wrapping up the final season of Girls, perfecting her crow pose with Y7's Beth Cooke, and working on her meditation skills, the talented writer-director-actress-author has also managed to squeeze in a quick sneaker launch.

In her weekly Lenny Letter—that's right, add editor-in-chief to her CV as well—Dunham announced she and best friend (and amazing illustrator) Joana Avillez have designed a sneaker for cool-girl skate brand Lakai.

Photo: Lakai

The high-top sneakers—which come in both pink and white—feature quirky hand-drawn illustrations of women riding bikes, typing on laptops, and dancing. And since Dunham starts off the Lenny Letter announcement explaining that two of her biggest passions in life are sneakers and empowerment (so perfect, right?), these sneaks have a serious girl power vibe.

"This sneaker is for the girls who play sports, make music, write poems, organize protests, build robots, make home movies, and so much more," Dunham writes. "It’s for the girls who get dirty. It’s for the girls who are told they’re being too loud when actually everybody else is being too quiet. It’s for the girls who stay back with a tired friend, check in on each other during challenging times, help each other up, and help each other out. Above all, it’s for any girl who’s trying, even when it seems impossible, to be herself." (Sounds a bit like every girl?)

Plus, the limited-edition shoe will benefit Young Women Empowered (Y-WE), an organization that helps young women from diverse backgrounds to step up their creativity and leadership skills through mentorships and other programs.

As a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, Dunham also says she's obsessed with Rihanna's Puma shoe, so maybe she's angling to have her own sold-out shoe? Retailing for $70, Dunham's shoes are sure to go quickly—we'll see if we have another candidate to be one of the Birkin bags of fitness fashion.

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