5 of the Best Sheer and Pretty Yet Punchy Polishes To Achieve ‘Lip Gloss Nails’ for Summer

Photo: Aprés Nails
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"Lip gloss nails" started to pop up last fall as a sheer and subtle look, with people using shades of pale pink and beige to create nails that look natural, yet glossy. Google searches for the term have grown by over 5,000 percent in the past year, and a we head into summer, it's time to take the trend to the next level with sheer shades that pack more of a punch—like fresh coral, ‘90s brown, and Tuscan orange.

"We're really loving this lip-gloss-turned-nail trend," says Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO of nail-care band Olive & June. The brand dove into more intense sheer shades earlier this year. "We got really excited about doing a more pigmented sheer line that feels like it could be worn on its own and feel like a berry-stained lip gloss on your nails."

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After years of milky and opaque polishes taking priority, the influx of sheer lacquers feels like a fun, low-maintenance change—a single coat is all you need to achieve the look, though you can layer on more if you want more of a pop of color. To help you get bold, lip gloss nails for summer, I've found five gorgeous, sheer nail polishes that you're gonna want on your vanity ASAP. Browse your options below.

Dazzle Dry, Pedal to the Metal Pink — $22.00

This one is the simplest on the list—it’s still pink, but it has a little hint of coral in it, making the color a bit warmer. Plus, it doesn’t have any white pigment in it, so it’s more glossy instead of milky. When layered, it will create a super-pretty look that stands out without being too loud. It’s from Dazzle Dry, so it’ll be fully set in five minutes.

Aprés, Under the Tuscan Sun — $15.00

New from Aprés, this shade is so much fun. It’s a sheer orange gel polish with yellow undertones and just screams summer. Picture it: This shade on your nails as you sit under the sun sipping an Aperol Spritz. Again, there’s no white pigment in the polish so it’s nice and transparent. It’s a gel polish so know you’ll need a UV light, gel base coat, and gel top coat to make it work.

Olive & June, This Lettuce Is Radicchio — $9.00

This is the shade Gibson Tuttle says is like berry lip gloss on your nails. It’s the perfect purple-y pink and truly gives popsicle vibes. It’s a 15-free polish, meaning it’s non-toxic and free of lots of common irritants like formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), parabens, and fragrances. This polish has a gel-like finish that comes off easily with nail polish remover.

Zoya, Miley — $10.00

This frosty shade screams early aughts in the best way possible. It’s a sheer, cool-toned, periwinkle shade with a little milkiness to it. It’s perfect if you’re into pastels, but want something with a bit more visual interest.

Ailla, Jelly Brown Gel Nail Polish — $8.00

Out of all five, this shade is my favorite. It’s the perfect polish equivalent of ‘90s brown lipgloss. It’s a warm-toned brown and that adds a moodiness to your look without being too heavy. This is a gel polish so be sure to have all the necessary tools.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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