The Limited-Edition Leggings That (Do-Gooder) Yogis Are Obsessed With

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liquidoPicture this: you walk into a party, and spot a woman across the room wearing the exact same outfit you chose for the evening. It's a little embarrassing—and that’s how yoga brand visionary Renata Facchini felt every time she found herself wearing black yoga pants, in a class that resembled a sea of black yoga pants.

A lifelong businesswoman who left her corporate career behind to become a yoga instructor, Facchini found that her on-the-mat fashion options left a little something to be desired. "I lost that daily excitement of 'what am I wearing to work tomorrow!?'" she says. "I love fashion, but getting dressed for work was no longer fun, and I missed it."

So she used her entrepreneurial spirit to bring Liquido—a Brazilian brand founded in 2001 and known for its buttery soft fabrics and fresh, vibrant colors—to her home in Australia, and now, the United States. "I'm Brazilian, so I love patterns and bright hues," she says.  But she wanted to do things differently.

liquido leggings

Instead of following the lead of most American fashion brands, which tend to produce two to three collections every year, Liquido started producing twenty new patterns every month in extremely limited batches, satisfying Facchini's urge for a workout wardrobe that expressed her style.

"There's nothing fresh and new in the market," she says. "If a big brand comes out with a bold color or mesh detailing, then their production is so large that everyone has that pattern." By rotating their merchandise as often as they do, Liquido manages to keep the selection—and your wardrobe—fresh, which has caught on with everyone from top yoga instructors to Instagram yogis.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that Liquido, which is now sold online and at stores nationwide, also claims its material is the "cashmere" of workout clothing, noting that it's 50+ UVA/UVB protective, downward-dog proof (as in, no exposure risks), and pill-resistant. Also, they're truly the softest leggings I've ever worn.

Liquido African Sunrise leggings

On top of it all, Facchini also prides Liquido on being a yoga brand with a heart. Earlier this year, they partnered with yogi-acupuncturist Tiffany Cruikshank on a pair of leggings that donates 10 percent of proceeds to Yoga Medicine's service project in India, The Nabadisha Project.

Currently, they're making African Sunrise leggings (pictured, in bright yellows and oranges, of course), where a portion of proceeds go to the Africa Yoga Project, a non-profit getting the support of major yogis like Baron Baptiste, that works to empower Kenyans through yoga.

"I think that if you’re a true yoga practitioner, the goal is to leave the world better than you found it," she says. (And also more colorful?) This is a great way to combine fashion and yoga with a positive impact in the world. It’s the perfect trilogy." —Brittany Burke

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